Philosophy – “Why Politicians are Incapable of Compassion” – 3/19/2021

“Know always that the face that never even is truthful with the self can spread upon the grieving fellow the coat of sugar that reveals only the deception he’s believed in.”

– Modern Romanticism

Nothing is as kind as deception. It is what we mistake, of the politician, for compassion. We refuse in the attempt to see past the face of theirs to notice something that would not blossom with truth. Truth has never resided in them, nor from them and for the world. Among the politician who shares his consolation towards grief, comprehend only that deception is the softness he brings. Comprehend only that he is not there to bring you truth of any matter, since through deception, what will ease the grief is only what has been a part of him.

If the politician ever grieves, it is then over their lost humanity. In their mind, it has become a forgotten element, this necessity for being human, so the deception lends itself as a comforting arm to the grieving individual. As in, to place deception in the most shielding warmth, though forgetting about who they helped, since it was never sincere.

No politician is capable of compassion, since the profession allows for a certain contrast between itself and whatever is at their home. Such a contrast to differ the career as a politician, from life among the ordinary. How does a politician perform outside of the succumbing stage act of deception before the multitude of cameras? Is he revealing the truth, at his home? Does he become drunk, strike his kids into being bloodied, thrust his wife with the needed force for the committal of marital rape, to then pass out upon the couch? Such shocking habits would not be caught anywhere on the camera, of one that defends the image of such a politician.

Yet, the most shocking aspects to a person are their truths. It is of things they hide from the world or the entire universe. It allows for endless question upon the “behind the scenes” lifestyles of a politician, as it does for the celebrity. Those we expect to resemble perfection, without flaws, are those politicians whose own grief is their humanity. Is their truth a horror behind the windows, doors and walls of their home? Do they act in ways that would destroy our long-understood comprehensions of them?

As compassion would express a mote of truth, nothing can be of that from the open mouth or caress from fingers offered by the politician. Empathy requires a connection of truth. A lightning-quick access of the heart, as is the signal to empathy’s depiction of another’s pain to ourselves. It is that the unknown aspects of those “behind the scenes” lifestyles to the politician are so unknown, that what we do understand remains as the “truth”, yet varnished.

Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/31/2020

“It is only in the aspect of sheer disgust that one politician will reference upon his opponent, ‘That was not the correct thing to say.’ Yet, it was the correct thing to say. Their disgust only ever emanated from believing an ‘incorrect’ form of political notion, was told. It was yet the correct usage of words, for to say anything wrong as a politician, as a leader, would mean to tell truth.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “The Rehearsal of Lies” – 9/30/2020

“Were the lie to ever be the truth, it could then not be a repetition. Deception repeats. Deception does not direct. Deception confuses. Deception does not speak only once. For truth would speak only once, as it must be the first to exit one’s mind.”

– Modern Romanticism

Rehearsal of truth is an oxymoron. No one rehearses the truth. To adlib one’s own lines, is to speak more the truth than the lies upon the script told one to say. To speak the truth, means to say what is meant to be said, only once. Though, when one rehearses themselves of their lines, they are in preparation for the truth to be heard. In their rehearsal, they are preparing for oncoming truth, here to be countered with a lie. For a lie will always play defense, as truth acts as a battering ram.

All liars rehearse. All liars repeat. It did not happen only once. It is like an act. Upon the stage, or before the camera, what occurred did not actually happen. Though, it will deceive. An act, rehearsed through words that were repeated “behind the stage”, or “behind the scenes”, outside of awareness, will confuse speakers of truth. For truth must be defined as something that can be said only once, not repeated. If there are those who did not hear the truth, then it was because they wished to listen to repetition.

Truth stands out. Truth is the light in that darkness of lies. The politician will lie, only if he rehearses his lines. He will lie, only if he believes he will fumble. To stumble over one’s words, in the manner of how repetition reveals itself, is the same as stumbling over multiple rocks. For to face truth, would be to face a wall.

A speaker of truth does not falter. A speaker of truth does not stumble. If a liar wishes to rehearse themselves on their deceit, then it is because they rely on the camera to fix what will be viewed inevitably as truth. We can see, if we are perceptive enough, the truth from the lie. Even of the liar, we can separate fact from fiction, to understand which is most shown.

As an actor, a liar will rehearse. As an actor, a liar will repeat. As an actor, a liar will perform. We will not know of the actor, what is reality. There will be more questions for the liar, than there will be for those who speak the truth. If one had not heard the truth, had not heard the answers, then one was not listening.

Quote – “Why Character Matters Extremely Little for Politics” – 9/7/2020

“The only reason a scandal would target the fiercest at the politician, is because it strikes the heart. Character becomes the only thing berated, of the politician, when the scandal is caused. The heart is the symbol to the emotions. The mind is the symbol to logic. The body is the symbol to vulnerability of physical wounds.

All triviality to character, of a politician, becomes commonplace, when it is only noted upon those weak points being struck, related to their heart, or emotions. It is the cruelest tactic, since it takes the politician out of the political context, and for a moment, makes them human.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Idiocy in Refusing the ‘Ignorant’ Leader” – 8/29/2020

“If heart is what it takes to be a leader, then can this be taught?

What person can be taught, through schooling, to have a heart, to care for what they are about to govern? If such is impossible, then leadership cannot be centered around experience and knowledge. There is blatant idiocy in stating that a leader, who is ignorant, cannot be one. What does one wish? To ask the leader for an answer to the meaning of life, may as well be the next question to him.

Heart cannot be taught. To be ignorant on any other matter, has no importance for leadership.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Leadership Requires No Experience” – 8/29/2020

“There is knowledge. There is leadership. Both are separate. What knowledge is there for leadership’s sake? To be a leader, requires something of far more value, over the divisions and pieces of knowledge. It requires heart. It requires care for a population. To have a heart, is something that cannot be taught.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “A World without Love” – 8/29/2020

“We are ignorant, due to the fear that keeps us parted. We are knowledgeable, due to the bravery that keeps us close.”

– Modern Romanticism

Each human possesses a history. Though, such can only ever be discovered through making oneself vulnerable to the senses of another.

We should not hurt, alone. When alone, and when we fall, what lifts us? Were a human to have broken legs, who’d carry them? Were a human to have a broken heart, who’d mend it? All the time, a person believes they can handle life, on their own. Has such a mindset resulted from continuous betrayal by others?

We cannot know another simply through “external” details, such as appearance. This much is obvious, and forms a prejudice that generalizes the one person from the next, solely by those surface details. By the surface, the prejudiced human is in fear of diving to greater details. It is the same as a book cover, where the fearful person is not wanting to look beyond the surface, to see something of always greater truth.

Defeat is no testament to the rejection of love. It is the support of it, for it to raise another to a state of completion, and once more, movement.

Yet, no politician can legislate love, without sparking fear, instead of courage, for his people. No leader can unite a population “around love”, without resulting that love to be its opposite, being fear. For as we are heroes in love, we are cowards in fear. Such of the latter is obvious, though for love’s sake, we cannot simply collect ourselves through the instincts of being protective of each other. That is, we will not be protective of each other, when trust is not being offered for those around us.

We allow another in, through trust. We keep another parted, through distrust. The subjugating dictator who “unites” his people under what he believes to be a vision of collection, is always a collection in the name of fear. Such is always the result in the individual becoming detached from that collection, and forming a rebellion.

That rebellious individual is the free one. They have detached themselves from the collection, to have their own voice.

Limits come into play, when we forget that love can unite, though only by who one trusts. When we trust, we can know. When we know, we can hold secrets, and we can be private in intimacy.

The whisper in the ear, the caress on the neck, are intimate sensations that would only be enacted, upon the feeling of trust. The rapist, in this sense, is subduing the individual, out of force. Through willingness, we are subdued out of a submission to who we trust. Through force, we are subdued out of a submission to who we do not trust.

It is through this, that those who think on collections without trust, think solely on numbers. Whereas, those who have love in their hearts, believe in oneness.

All instincts, related to protection, are to defend what is completed, through genuine and actual love. For were we to lose what is collected to us, to make the oneness, we would lose ourselves, too. Genuine love makes a oneness, objectively so. We are not one when we can easily lose from us what we view to be expendable.

Philosophy – “The Definition of Subtle Political Assassination” – 7/22/2020

“No man deserves to call himself honest, if he cannot look at change, and name it next an upwards improvement.”

– Modern Romanticism

If a politician will not ever be honest enough to take down a president, or another politician, through the use of the gun, there will be left the deception enough to come up with a convincing lie.

The gun, honest. The camera, dishonest. The pen is mightier than the sword, or the fist, or the gun, only because it is never honest. It wields subtlety in its grasp, because it wields the soft words said to “not harm”. Yet, it does, though in the subtle sense.

For this is where Journalism gains its power. How many fathers have said that their daughters are studying such a wretched profession? It is because a woman comprehends change, so much like her menstrual cycle, so much like her beauty in terms of the image being shifted. Body image, to her internal changes, is much comprehended by the woman in what changes of the world. Therefore, she will be naturally clung upon expression, through art and words.

Journalism is the wretched profession of sheer deception. Like what was just mentioned, the pen wields dishonesty by causing the chaos that is within emotions. It is because chaos, or change, or emotions have no real direction. Where a leader of honest will wishes to create improvement, it is the deceiving leader who wishes to cause chaos. To speak of change, not improvement, is to speak of chaos. For that is because chaos relates to randomness of events, only ever no longer discussed because they have dried up of that expression, through repetition. For any piece of art becomes tedium if any one work becomes the sole conveyance from the artist. This is why media outlets deem a topic to be “irrelevant” when the subject is somehow no longer of importance, to a viewer. It has simply been dried of itself, like no blood left in the body to be drained.

It is that objective truth shocks the individual, while objective deception is only ever convincing. It is that the truth will be harder to consume, though create cleansing. Whereas, a lie will be easy to consume, though cause the most intricate complexities within any system.

From a politician’s lips, come the words. Yet, it is proof that must be the action. No one proves through words. Journalism creates a stain upon a world, red as blood, wreaking of the stink of change. Changes are chaotic. Changes are the emotions to a world, so deceptive in that chaos. In a world that does not know love, knows change, knows life, knows chaos and emotions.