Quote – “In Pain, a Person Learns” – 7/28/2020

“In the attempt to stop pain, a person learns. It is pain, caused. It is repair, created.

It is structure, in the knowledge through what pain has damaged, that fortifies ourselves against the next blow. We are prepared for future endeavors, when we stabilize ourselves. However, in what we see around us, being of no stability, we are continually reminded that our own ideologies can leak into another person’s innocence. Their innocence is their beginning. Their beginning is their first sight into life. All external instability is for what we believe can be repaired, by our own hands. Yet, to do the work for the struggling individual, leads that person not to safety, though to ignorance. In the pain, a person should be shown how to get past it, not simply saved. To lead a person to be shown on their road past their pain, makes them wise enough to never lean into perpetual dependency.”

– Modern Romanticism