Quote – “In Pain, a Person Learns” – 7/28/2020

“In the attempt to stop pain, a person learns. It is pain, caused. It is repair, created.

It is structure, in the knowledge through what pain has damaged, that fortifies ourselves against the next blow. We are prepared for future endeavors, when we stabilize ourselves. However, in what we see around us, being of no stability, we are continually reminded that our own ideologies can leak into another person’s innocence. Their innocence is their beginning. Their beginning is their first sight into life. All external instability is for what we believe can be repaired, by our own hands. Yet, to do the work for the struggling individual, leads that person not to safety, though to ignorance. In the pain, a person should be shown how to get past it, not simply saved. To lead a person to be shown on their road past their pain, makes them wise enough to never lean into perpetual dependency.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “In the Attempt to Call Vengeance, Justice” – 6/8/2020

“We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be ‘justice’. But when we call our vengeance ‘justice’, it only breeds more revenge… forging the first link in the chains of hatred.”

– Nagato (Naruto)

Poem #1 – “A Lake on my Eye” – Romance – 4/10/2020

My eyes turn towards where you sail,
And, also swim.
My eyes turn towards where you scream
On a subtle whim.

You ride the currents above my stare,
Because that is where my loathing has its bathing.
You row oars across the sadness,
Beneath the starry night
Of our mourning.
You have chosen the straw closest to my heart,
That was also the shortest.

You feel what I feel,
Can you not?
How would you not
When you feel the wildernesses parting?

Not lost,
But found
By a sadness of recollecting.
Each drop shall quench you,
Each drop shall sate you.
But, each drop shall devour you,
Each drop shall harm you.

Run far,
Sail far
From what I will become,
The engine of destruction by my floods.

Poem – “The Feather in the Cap” – Romantic Poetry – 1/29/2020

She walks
With a frozen movement,
For upon the face of faces
There is astonishment
For what is above her.
A little round cap
Orange in hue,
And shaded only by the coming evening.

She roams, with a piercing step
To the snow beneath her folded hands
That each sway past her side.

And, within that cap,
A long feather pokes out
Like a remaining twig upon the most ancient tree
That fell in one lonely forest.

Secrets are planted in her eyes
For what that feather marks
Itself, as what might represent a shadowy past
That glistens over her future, like gleaming moonlight.

She will dance with it,
Bathe with it,
And nestle it, with kisses so heavy
On the lips meant for another’s mouth.
Like love being red,
Of a heart known to be dead,
Depression is but a symbol
To a many words written and said.

Poem – “The Tomb of your Heart” – Romance – 1/12/2020

The arriving time
To see my fortune set in line,
Set upon the traveled road
Placed with the stones once cast at my limbs,
And I walk over them.

I see your searing pain, at the end of this long path
That does not twist,
For I’ve no other feeling
For this lonely world,
Where only the sigh of the wind, guides me.

There is beauty,
And here is beauty
Upon your folded gown, that I carry in naked arms.
You once wept into the fabric,
And slept, a thousand-and-one times, beneath me.

I walk towards a tomb.
I walk beneath the moon,
And bleed my denial into the stones,
For each one is merely a memory
Of decadent pain.

I walk to where you died,
The home, where you did reside.
And now under the soil,
At a spot where love did foil,
For your heart is that tomb.

Poem – “Torn off a Torn Heart” – Romance – 1/5/2020

You plundered the blue,
Off what was brand new,
And show up as you knew
All to break through
My heart, with jagged edges.
And, it is broken in two,
Though, the symmetry was never there,
Those eyes of yours
Could never really stare,
To see from beyond your falling hair
That coated your face,
To notice not even a trace.

I am a new man
With himself in his own hands,
His life stands upon a palm,
And nothing but love, could ever silence the qualms.

I am a broken man,
With nothing to harbor truth,
Because, it will not leak from burned lips,
Burned from kisses made upon a woman’s poisoned mouth.

I bleed my heart into chaos,
Into her open arms.
I bleed my heart into the soil,
To see else what I’ve missed,
And to notice something I’ve never kissed.
Ah, the death, the death that I’ve come to want,
For myself,
And I feel broken, over again.

What is pain to me?
As me, the termite said,

Before I took a glass of the same drug
And it poured ever-so freely
Down my throat, to be nourished by that pain,
Because, I can only escape into what I cannot escape,
Being the prison of my own design.

Poem – “How is your Guilt Serving You?” – Romance – 1/5/2020

How is your demise,
Appearing, before your eyes?
How are those closed lies,

Looking, before your closed lids?
How is every detail, quitting you,

While you remember what is deemed
Only by you,
To be necessary
for memory?

There are many things you should remember,
But, you’ll only remember specifics,
It is a pathetic way.

How is your guilt treating you?
Gutting you?
Eviscerating you?

How is it kissing you?
You seem to have cuddled with it,
Shared your bed with it,

Like death for a corpse,
Like music for the lonely muse,
Like silence for a shot deer,
Like peace for a cancer patient,
And you seem to be warm, when alone,
Among the numbness,
Like harmonies growing loudly.

We were together, in love, once to ourselves.
We were once alone, with our hearts, tangled in veins,
And now, you are alone, with your mind in its Hell,
I do hope your guilt is treating you well.

Poem – “The Hell inside Our Hearts” – Romance – 1/2/2020

Bled, we were, upon an ocean gulf
To spread South, to where distant heat resides.
And, to heal, to kneel, with eyes upon the sun,
And, to feel, to seal, our wounds with our own tears.
You have a heartbeat that skips
Stones upon the water’s surface.
Lost, though found, on death’s own compound,
Found, but bound, with Hell to hear for its sound.

The oceans we ride, glistening in the blood we pour
From eyes, to the flood from our cries,
We are forevermore, alike the waves that show blankness.
We could never be, alike the notes over the sea.

We are merely the blood, the wash from our eyes,
Spilling from the sins of our souls,
Felt by the pain, caused by our hands,
For love is the feeling of fame.

Love, as well, the sight of flame,
Nestled in our minds,
But, our hearts show the heat,
Lifted to where we think.

Your face, a sight of blue,
Your form, a yellowish hue.
And, you contrast in the dew,
For me to lay a quilt that is new.

Poem – “As you were Enamored in my Eyes” – Romance – 12/7/2019

I filled my eyes with the droplets of joy
To believe in you,
During when I had believed in you,
The delicate iris for my eye.
With each petal I had then plucked
To the greatest farewell,
And the shortest goodbye.

Your beauty was the sun,
And the moon, combined.
Resplendent, as a radiant star,
And how I could hold you, when you were under my eyes,
So that tears would fall to meet your mouth,
As my kisses fell to meet your mouth.
And my arms seem to be still around you.

You delicate thing,
You beautiful thing,
You porcelain thing.
How I’ll yearn to cradle your head, in the future.
How I’ll wish to kiss your tired eyes, in the future.
And it won’t happen,
Because it won’t come.

So my tears only fall to meet a shadow
That stands still at my feet.

Poem – “A Face to Match Heaven” – Romance – 12/6/2019

You’d first lay me down,
To the bloody sea,
Where raises horns from deep below,
A buried empire where fears surely show.
Deny me enough,
Little lady of a void,
Your chamber holds only whispers,
Kindness and mercy
Am I enough for the treasures we’ll both share?
Am I true to the blessings we’ll both wear?

An eagerness, of sorts,
Of grace, and faces nestled between,
The thoughts of a one I know so well,
Kisses were empty from each one,
Pink and red lips, that dwell
In a heart of mine, not so clean.

I dance with you in my arms,
And hold a face that requires kiss after buried kiss,
And I know where my Hell has gone,
While I hold my Heaven.

Poem – “Among Your Death” – Romance – 10/26/2019

I will live,
Though, how can I breathe?

How can I start a fire,
A flame
In this heart of mine,
Without the glance that brought me life?

How can I state any moment of happiness,
In the most genuine of words,
Without what is needed,
To keep me down?

What finger will be placed
Upon my blistered lips?

What pair of eyes will know
The cries emitted from this sentenced heart?

I will live,
And no longer know love.
And, how can I breathe,
Without the comfort of comfort
To truly lay me down?