Philosophy – “A Man’s Objective Vision of Beauty” – 8/8/2020

“Beauty is only ever seen in the eyes of the beholder, when it can be seen, and not cause the witness to look away.”

– Modern Romanticism

A man has a Y chromosome, for the reason beauty is not meant to be ugliness. Beauty objectively attracts. It does not repel. A man’s Y chromosome refers to him having a penis. That means that beauty should be easily penetrated, even of his eyes. If he sees her, stares her down, keeps his fixated gaze upon her, he is attracted. She is alluring, by this.

A man is penetrating a woman, by his gaze, or he is simply getting past beauty to want to know more, of her.

If beauty remains a brick wall, then it is ugliness. He will not know how to penetrate that, to get past that. If the task is to keep a man blind, because everything is hideous, then nothing beautiful in the world is ever discovered. A man should not be challenged on the first step. He should, instead, be challenged on knowing his own faults, in the realization of what his own world has been missing.

A man’s vision of beauty remains in how he may utilize his manhood, for his own worth. A woman insults a man, before she even knows him, if it is the case that she wishes for him to ignore appearances.

Ugliness is objective, when it repels. When this happens, a man will find his answer, elsewhere.

Beauty should be a cloud, easily passable enough to see something beyond.

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