Philosophy – “Why Children, or Childish Adults, should not have Opinions” – 8/23/2020

“Freedom is in excess, when we have forgotten our duty, as adults, to witness and supervise over lesser people so they may rise beyond where they will inevitably be stagnated.”

– Modern Romanticism

Children. Childish adults. These sorts are not meant to have opinions, viewpoints, perspectives… or whatever other synonym there is available.

It may seem “subjective” to comprehend what a “child” might be. However, it is not, when one can consider that being a child involves a number of objective factors. Such as, rebellion for its own sake, a lowered attention span, a lack of patience, an ease of susceptibility to become distracted from objective importance, a lack of purpose besides to be “free”, a lacking awareness of what it means to be responsible, continuous dependency without individual intelligence, a belief that one is perfect as is without further need for advancement… among many more other examples, that could be endlessly listed.

“Children” are, for a lack of a better word, self-indulgent, curious creatures. They are like scientists, because the average scientist will press a button to “see what happens”, just as a child would.

Without supervision, even a child prodigy will be stupid. This does not denote dependency, though it is something to escape from, when the moment is deserved. However, no child is always a prodigy. Be as it may, that a child of 4 might have a mind like a sponge. Their young brain can absorb all manner of information, quite easily. Yet, give the 4-year-old a smartphone, and it just might occur that their lacking of attention span, giving the match for their understanding of that device, draws into the future, all manner of destructive relationships. All relationships require patience. Why is it that, across many nations, marriage succumbs? It is because, without patience, all love is in turmoil. With a low attention span, we are voided from truth, from reality, because we are so distracted from objective importance.

The child is a distracted individual. How do they comprehend importance, without a goal? How does a scientist comprehend importance, if all their discoveries are mere distractions, opposite from the one that adheres to love?

Even not of love, patience and discipline is absent from children, from the get-go. Yet, of love, it is the responsible adult who is meant to supervise a child, so protection is understood, for the future. For of the future, “protection” is then understood as to value what is needed.

No child, or no person, develops without understanding responsibility and duty. To have ultimate freedom, means to have a choice. To not have a choice, means to be responsible. Is a child’s eyes always wide? Then, they will touch everything. Are children said to be observant? Then, the same will occur. One can then say that a “childish adult” is a very lustful person, wanting to grope anything that is around them.

For the one thing that develops a human being is the act of being responsible. It is the same as an example of a criminal, who ended up in prison because of an irresponsible and stupid decision. He or she damaged someone else’s life, made them upset, charges were placed, and they were found guilty from supporting evidence, and sent off to prison. If that criminal cannot learn the objective meaning of being responsible, they are also a child.

For a child is like a criminal. It is someone who does wrong in the name of greed. Therefore, teach the child responsibility, and they are able to form opinions of their own, backed by wisdom.

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