Poem – “On the Stream of Forevermore” – Romance – 8/22/2020

When will you walk
Without the hard stroke
Of your aching feet?
You impatient
Woman, with too many blocks
To wields in arms, meant to
Carry something far more soft.
You stumble
On iron.
You dream of empires
You cannot even kiss.

Why do you implore over
Why do you wish for me
To step aside,
That you might construct
Another Hell?

I love all waking moments
Of your eyes
Against the sunrise.

I kiss your tears back
Beneath the lids
Of your always-roaming gaze.

Why do you desire
The ever-roaring fires
To spark thoughts to flare
To bore down dreams to bare
Breasts by the cold ignition
Of your ever-more hollow stare?

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