Quote – “Why a Certain Pain is Happiness, in Love” – 9/14/2020

“If love hurts, then love will survive. One should know the difference between the pain of loss, and the pain of sacrifice, in love. For if one has given their heart, then one has sacrificed themselves. That is the pain, to be named as the happiness for what one should know was a worthy departure from themselves. Love does not slide, nor is it fleeting. Trust slides. Trust is fleeting. As we can break ourselves to that pain, to that sacrifice, to our love, we can feel comfort around them, as they realize the extent of that pain to ease it. Trust will move away into the pain of loss, when we realize where we were vulnerable might be that our secrets are soon betrayed. Love merely remembers, even in the current disposition of hatred for that betrayed trust.”

– Modern Romanticism

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