How ever can a person understand that which is a nothingness, objectively so? A nothingness to what one sees, of outside endeavors, for that is the truth. Outside of what one can comprehend, a nothingness resides. Nothingness, for in the things so uncertain to ourselves, is like reaching for what is unable to be controlled. To the common politician, it is for them to control. It is for them to learn to control, for that is their motive. They will raise the speech, in loudness, though will merely be the deception that comforts those who offer question. For to the common politician, a question is a sign of confusion and worriment. Their words soothe, as easily when they can alleviate a threat of truth.

Outside, a nothingness, for it is the same as seeing the detail for which there is none, of a person’s skin color. Race, among all forms to a diverse world, hold that nothingness upon itself. For in this case, “nothingness” would translate to “what lacks meaning”. In each category that pertains to this “outside”, deception remains the fruit to the politician’s eyes. It is the deception of the outside, marking all politics as wishing for control upon its climate. Upon all climate, there is, too, the surfaces for which we first notice. Upon the ocean, as the surface accumulates the pollution. All things rise, of pollution, to the surface. For it is now to be proven that gravity merely weighs down meaning. Of all things human, to the feelings we should know reside at the deepest level, are objectively not the pollutions that rise.

It is of love, knowing comprehensively that it does not pertain to height, for it lacks a level. Love is not measured by the height of it, for it is impossible to say one loves more or less. It is then to prove that love is a height that extends to infinity. It is then to prove that all humanity is a depth to which resides beneath our pollution.

As pollution rises, humanity declines beneath it. As love cannot be measured, it is never something pertaining to pollution. If any romance becomes toxic, or the toxin of pollution, it is then to prove that better emotions are buried beneath it.

Yet, in that “nothingness”, to which the politician yearns to control, is a thing of its pollution. It is a thing to which a politician yearns to “clean up”. For its aspect of nothingness, makes it upon the side of a politician’s ignorance in what is beneath. To better things, of emotions and humanity that are at a depth, makes the politician who clings upon “pollution”, a person of deception.

It is to the same degree, that the politician who focuses upon “cleanliness”, is one of deceit. For it is to the surfaces of all things, that something meant to be cleaned, cannot be trusted, beyond. We are, in that sense, distanced. Distanced, from what is better to be known. We cannot discuss a person’s race, any more than a person can find discussion in the stark and solid color of a wall. Though to the inner details of a person, beyond the pollution to which the ordinary politician yearns to clean, is where there is purity. There is the purity to which the politician ignores, when their desire to clean the surface has what is beyond, go unnoticed.

All politicians of words, are a nothingness. They attract themselves to deceit, for they are deceit, themselves. It is in the motive to speak, that makes them attracted to what remains upon the surface, related to words. Shallowness, for this is the term that relates, as well, to words. Words are the shallowness, not ever matching to something opposite from prejudice. For we are prejudiced to the surface, as we are never to what is beyond. If we are willing to listen to what is beyond, we hear truth. We hear truth, not the deception of surfaces. Surfaces are the deception that is like the Siren attracting sailors. For upon the surface of the ocean, their hearts are deceived, when they deceive themselves. As deception, or those with weak wills, are attracted to the same, it is proven here that “will” always pertains to action. That is, to be in control of oneself, so that one does not feel fear enough to be attracted to mere deception.

The deception is the surface, masking those “inner details” that are ignored, for the sake of the prejudice. It is, as well, for the sake of what a politician of words can control. To control the surface, is like controlling the waves, to control the tide, to control the direction of where people walk.

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