Philosophy – “Why Racism is a Product of Fear” – 12/2/2020

“The greatest weakness of all is for one to believe they lack it.”

– Modern Romanticism

In a realm of situations, there are specifics. In one pointed out situation, there’d be a person who could say, “It is subjective for what one thinks.” Though, that situation was merely broken down from all others, alike it. To the specific situation of prejudice, it is like all others. For there is a universal trait that we do not normally consider. We’d not consider it, since it would expose human flaw.

It is fear that we do not consider.

Fear is universal in each situation of prejudice. Among all those situations, that unifying factor could indeed be the key to unity. Among all human weakness, people are joined together to heal.

Fear is a weakness, there for either the soothing of it, or the exploitation of it. Since the latter option is always available, no human openly admits to what they fear, on normal circumstances. In fact, who would admit their fears to a stranger? Who would, besides those who are never heeding caution upon that stranger, that such an unknown person might exploit it? For it is that humans always come upon strangers, and it is that a stranger becomes a friend when they are trusted.

Trusted for fears? That requires closeness. To be close, would mean to mend such weakness, that through togetherness, two people fear nothing. For they are no longer alone, when holding hands of differently-colored lights.

Beauty is that which always is weak. We are weak, when beautiful. As it is, “beauty” should only be defined as what makes us lost in ourselves, at first unable to trust anyone with our history. We hold beauties within ourselves, about ourselves, saved for the acceptance by another. We do not loosely toss truths about, anymore than we should nonchalantly tell a mother her child has died. Humans hoards their truths, being same as all things beautiful, saved for a person who could accept it, and continually compliment them. A man can call a woman “beautiful”, as she’d never thought of herself in such a manner. Then, that man is trusted by her, if his words were sincere. As it is, all things so beautiful come together, are unified. Though, weakness still remains, since further insecurities will lead to needing further reassurance.

Who can one trust, without looking into the eyes, without being close? And, if one is betrayed, one still learns. One has learned what shouldn’t be, versus what should. One has learned the falsehoods from the truths.

Again, could fear be our admitted element, out of us, to the open where in each of these situations of prejudice, we are unified? We can know such truths, to not be distant out of ignorance and fear. We can see past the surface, past the skin, past the eyes, to the mind and heart of an individual.

We need not be so ripped apart, as a wound is when the flesh has come undone. For we can also penetrate flesh with empathy. We can make a person weep, without stabbing them. We can hold what is trusted, in our arms, without betraying them. For if we did stab them in the back, they’d be ripped free from us, once again. Is that the “freedom” people wish for?

Love is the mighty forgiveness, of this world. It forgives histories, grievances, among all flaws a person had placed entirely too much focus upon. After death, forgiveness is the power that forgets negatives, as it remembers the positives that had made a person live.

Though, if fear could be the singular flaw, that instead of stabbing a person, could be admitted, then the other side could, too.

We can admit to being so afraid, that we all clash together, not as fire, though as water, as tears. We could break as the waves, against the rocks that be the earth at our feet. Why don’t we?

No situation of prejudice is so different, that this universal aspect of fear cannot be the key to surrendering ourselves to who is meant to be loved.

Philosophy – “Why Diversity cannot be Forced” – 11/29/2020

“The importance of diversity is in its expression, of language. Yet, can art be forced, without the burnout of the soul? Must extreme measures be taken for the person of their language to force truth forward? Forcing diversity seems to be what makes the torturous interrogator.”

– Modern Romanticism

Forcing truth, to the surface of one’s own esophagus, is to eject diversity without its naturalism.

We are not intimate with ourselves, with what we express, with what we feel, when another means to place us “on the spot”. For those who force diversity are also people who mean to humiliate. They are the psychopaths, the extractors, and those who wish for truth to be regurgitated.

Examples of truth, of all diversity, is to the ideas of it, spoken next for speech’s sake, then made tangible and physical.

We love truth, for we trust it. We cannot love God, for we cannot care for Him. Yet, we can love God’s words, as we are silent in our attentiveness. Though, to Creation so natural as a spawned life from a womb, we cannot force without resorting to a philosophy that pertains to the inhuman. Whether inhuman or psychopathic, the “interrogator mentality” is the abomination meant to be purged without diversity for what kills.

It takes no special instrument to slay, though to extract truth? That requires genius.

Yet, it requires an equal amount of genius, not of the evil and malicious intent, to create truth. It is of example, of Creation, that truth is made. For we do not force it, when it is made, anymore than a mother must force her child out of her, during labor. Anymore than a husband rapes his wife, out of force, to impregnate her, would make the diversity; because, it will not.

Diversity is always a creation, born as an example unto it. Artists do not force it out, anymore than creativity can be turned on like a faucet.

Brainstorm – “Creating Diversity of the Idea” – 11/7/2020

Repetition is not ever in the comprehension of who needs their necessity. A necessity of something so needed, will not be met through repetition. For those who speak highly of mass production, in its relation to equal distribution, cannot ever tell of quality to that necessity.

To need something of the time it is required, will make the patience for it, stand out. For in the want of it, makes the waiting period, the tellable dilemma. The wait of a product, to ease the pains of what is ill, is only due to that the gap becomes narrowed between the wanting person, and the distributer.

A gap, for this is the reach of the distributer to the one who is required of a thing. Their reach will become narrowed, due to a forceful person’s wish for it, due unto their impatience. Yet, to narrow the gap, comes at the cost of opportunity for what is available. This is due to there being a contrast between patience for a specific, and the straight-up immediacy for it born out of impatience.

Philosophy – “Why Living in the Moment is a Sign of Low Intelligence” – 11/3/2020

“Has not the average person been aware of their steps, ahead? Is it a commitment to fear, to stay where one is? The future always looks the bleakest to those who cannot face it. They would rather see the light of the moment, as it grows larger with each waiting hour that passes.”

– Modern Romanticism

All long-term effects are the greater outcomes, regardless of one’s opinion upon them. A low intelligence is often the sign of personal disregard for responsibility. For to “live in the moment”, is to lack responsibility. How is it? Why not step forward, if one wishes to face where one lacks a choice? It is in a person’s dutifulness, to comprehend that “lacking a choice” means to do the selfless thing. It is the case, while “living in the moment” means to know what one has, though will never gain. Of wisdom, which is there in the future, makes the person comprehend that life is never lived, while we are stilled and frozen.

It must be, that in the comprehension of potential betrayal to what one holds close to heart, that to “live in the moment” is to defend oneself. A personal weakness, this is, for to be frozen, never to drag the dead weight that are one’s own memories, makes the person without a desire to take a risk. Reality is not meant to bend to one’s own decisions, though to one’s own indecisions. As in, when no one has a choice, people take a risk, and take back their freedoms. To step into the future, is that risk, and is that lack of a choice. For what nation under the shadow of a tyrant, has not restricted choice? If that be the case, then it is in the people’s dutifulness of lacking choice, to take them back. We are most responsible to do right, when control is upon us, and we can return our freedoms to us.

We are not free when we are bound to restriction, nor are we free when we lack the courage to take back what we recognize most. If we recognize darkness, then we should be willing to take the moment’s light, to reveal what awaits, ahead.

Humans are bound by their obligations to have something more. But, when all we hold is a nothingness, we are inevitably committed to take back what we know to be everything.

The long-term of effects, is always how we decide our future by abstaining from the mere moment. It is to comprehend fear, sleep with fear, and breathe fear. It is to know it, hold it, and make love to it. It is to find fear, bring it home, to understand it. If we cannot be willing to plunge our bodies into risk, we are dead. For is the corpse not stiff? Is the corpse not frozen, without movement of blood? It was due to our death, because of fear, and because we did not swallow it. We merely allowed ourselves to drown.

“Inside, there is Everything” – From “The Prejudice of Globalism” – 10/31/2020

There is everything of the inside of a person, beyond the color of skin, beyond the stains. To the essence of truth, coming from within, it is never a shallowness. Then, to the politician who cannot see that, will say against a teller of truth to merely hear their words. Though, not merely to the words that they’ll scorn, though to place blinded eyes upon their actions. For no person who merely speaks, will be one who ever acts. And, no person who is scorned for their language, can ever be someone who does not act.

Truth is always something that pierces, for it is always something that shocks. Just as the bullet penetrates skin, causing a shock, or just as a simple poke of a finger against a person’s flesh, is the same resulting feeling. “Shock” is the reaction of surprise, astonishment, amazement, all resonating from the irony of what is normally expected. This is to say that for the population who yearn for a well-spoken politician as their leader, are those who will take offense to the truth.

To all truth, resonating from within, makes the politician of mere words, as the one who objectively deceives. Words are the shallow aspect of all things that linger upon the surface. It is then that we can prove that all things upon the inside can be comprehended as truth. As truth, for what is tended to upon the inside, will never be received with prejudice. It is in the knowledge of what is within, that makes a betterment towards leadership. It is in the “everything” aspect of what can be better understood, that makes such a politician with this vision, unable to be prejudiced, nor deceitful. It makes the leader with the populist perspective, a person unable to be neither the racist, the sexist, the prejudiced one, nor the deceptive one.

For of each thing pertaining to the outside, makes such notions all of ignorance’s definition. Among what pertains to the outside, is a mere focus upon the external. Of all things external, is what pertains to what receives prejudice.

What receives prejudice, is upon the outside. We are never prejudiced towards what is within, for how can we be? How can a person be prejudiced towards the favorability of what one easily comprehends? One, upon the external, merely forces meaning into it. It is something already so simple to understand, for the politician to make a drawing. A painting or image to the skin color, is the same to the solid color of a wall. The solid color to a wall had been covered. Its nakedness, already clothed. It makes the deception for what one does not yearn to see, beyond. As such, “nakedness” is the result of what is “revealing”, being always in reference to truth. One, in the case of a person covering themselves, is not trusted to see truth. As such, the shock of what could be seen, is becoming the suffocation unto the death of that truth. One covers, and now the curious are distrusted, for it is now the intent to never reveal the truth. It is now the intent to be dishonest. Just as the nude form causes shock, it is the same for all truth. If one adds to the example of graffiti, with tattoos, is the act of merely applying another layer to cover what can be revealing.

Vandalizing truth is the same as sparking prejudice. To the person who claims there are those who wrongly ridicule graffiti, should perhaps wonder why anyone would question the outside of anything. To the one of objective intellect, will question, not merely listen to, what remains upon the surface. To the canvas for the painting, as it was not ever first a surface, though a sheer blankness. Graffiti is merely a covering over a surface, already drawn. Therefore, it is objectively a covering upon truth, creating deception. It makes the painting the creation of truth.

To the focus upon surfaces, is never the focus upon the internal, for it has been covered. We can apply innumerable layers, though truth remains forever waiting to be unearthed.

As we are always prejudiced to what is external, we are not ever the same to what is internal. This makes the globalist perspective as the mindset of prejudice. Such means, that for the globalist perspective, there is purely external endeavors being enacted. Then, to what is within, there is purely the avoidance of could be seen, and could be solved of grievance. This marks the politician of a globalist perspective as one who is prejudiced. For in what a person can know best, makes them not prejudiced. It makes a person who attempts to comprehend what is outside, someone who will be ignorant. It is unknown territory where one dwells, marking a strict focus upon the outside, related to looking upon one’s skin color.

The outside, which holds the same definition as anything to be prejudiced towards, is opposite from the inside. To say it, again, the internal is what cannot be received with prejudice. And, to say it, again, the one with a globalist perspective, believes not in aiding what can be known best, being within. It is to say that when a supposed leader holds such a perspective of globalism, makes what is within, secondary to their focus.

How is anyone to say that the leader who holds a populist mindset, can be prejudiced towards anything? It is objectively not the case, when to have a populist mindset, is to focus on what is within, being opposite from the prejudiced and globalist view upon the external.

“Outside, there is Nothing” – From “The Prejudice of Globalism” – 10/31/2020

How ever can a person understand that which is a nothingness, objectively so? A nothingness to what one sees, of outside endeavors, for that is the truth. Outside of what one can comprehend, a nothingness resides. Nothingness, for in the things so uncertain to ourselves, is like reaching for what is unable to be controlled. To the common politician, it is for them to control. It is for them to learn to control, for that is their motive. They will raise the speech, in loudness, though will merely be the deception that comforts those who offer question. For to the common politician, a question is a sign of confusion and worriment. Their words soothe, as easily when they can alleviate a threat of truth.

Outside, a nothingness, for it is the same as seeing the detail for which there is none, of a person’s skin color. Race, among all forms to a diverse world, hold that nothingness upon itself. For in this case, “nothingness” would translate to “what lacks meaning”. In each category that pertains to this “outside”, deception remains the fruit to the politician’s eyes. It is the deception of the outside, marking all politics as wishing for control upon its climate. Upon all climate, there is, too, the surfaces for which we first notice. Upon the ocean, as the surface accumulates the pollution. All things rise, of pollution, to the surface. For it is now to be proven that gravity merely weighs down meaning. Of all things human, to the feelings we should know reside at the deepest level, are objectively not the pollutions that rise.

It is of love, knowing comprehensively that it does not pertain to height, for it lacks a level. Love is not measured by the height of it, for it is impossible to say one loves more or less. It is then to prove that love is a height that extends to infinity. It is then to prove that all humanity is a depth to which resides beneath our pollution.

As pollution rises, humanity declines beneath it. As love cannot be measured, it is never something pertaining to pollution. If any romance becomes toxic, or the toxin of pollution, it is then to prove that better emotions are buried beneath it.

Yet, in that “nothingness”, to which the politician yearns to control, is a thing of its pollution. It is a thing to which a politician yearns to “clean up”. For its aspect of nothingness, makes it upon the side of a politician’s ignorance in what is beneath. To better things, of emotions and humanity that are at a depth, makes the politician who clings upon “pollution”, a person of deception.

It is to the same degree, that the politician who focuses upon “cleanliness”, is one of deceit. For it is to the surfaces of all things, that something meant to be cleaned, cannot be trusted, beyond. We are, in that sense, distanced. Distanced, from what is better to be known. We cannot discuss a person’s race, any more than a person can find discussion in the stark and solid color of a wall. Though to the inner details of a person, beyond the pollution to which the ordinary politician yearns to clean, is where there is purity. There is the purity to which the politician ignores, when their desire to clean the surface has what is beyond, go unnoticed.

All politicians of words, are a nothingness. They attract themselves to deceit, for they are deceit, themselves. It is in the motive to speak, that makes them attracted to what remains upon the surface, related to words. Shallowness, for this is the term that relates, as well, to words. Words are the shallowness, not ever matching to something opposite from prejudice. For we are prejudiced to the surface, as we are never to what is beyond. If we are willing to listen to what is beyond, we hear truth. We hear truth, not the deception of surfaces. Surfaces are the deception that is like the Siren attracting sailors. For upon the surface of the ocean, their hearts are deceived, when they deceive themselves. As deception, or those with weak wills, are attracted to the same, it is proven here that “will” always pertains to action. That is, to be in control of oneself, so that one does not feel fear enough to be attracted to mere deception.

The deception is the surface, masking those “inner details” that are ignored, for the sake of the prejudice. It is, as well, for the sake of what a politician of words can control. To control the surface, is like controlling the waves, to control the tide, to control the direction of where people walk.

Philosophy – “Of True vs. False Diversity” – 9/20/2020

“Nothing made should be viewed as all that which can be divided, without breeding a materialistic mindset bent around choice. To choose, merely means to escape from the responsible self. To do the right thing, is to embrace responsibility.”

– Modern Romanticism

Diversity has its two meanings in creation and causation. What is born out of the latter, is the division of things already in existence. We can divide creation, into causation, to make a diversity such as the “gender studies” we believe diversify male and female. Diversity of what already exists, is nothing so different from being an anarchist or a torturer. Someone who tears apart at a nation, or tears apart at a person’s mind, to have something for pleasure’s sake.

Out of diversity to creation, we are not destroyers, nor those who fragment, nor those who confuse. We are creators, artists, and those who lead with discipline enough to raise what has been formed. Formed out of what? Formed out of a thought, to be made as speech, in the name of Individualism.

In the target of speech, there is soon the targeting of thoughts. We are targeting the former, being of God, being of creation, being of artistry. We are targeting what can be formed, what can be made, what can be understood of another without seeing the surface. A creationist way of diversity, has its meaning in life. Diversity, by way of causation, means to destroy life. For to cause, merely means to have had a choice, in doing so. To create, merely means to have had no choice, and one must take to the responsible task of raising what has been made.

To the diversity of causation, we are tormenters, destroyers, and those who despair creation into a nothingness. To the diversity of creation, we are sculptors, musicians, and obey truth like nothing else had ever mattered. In creation, we are not deception, we are never lustful, and we are not materialistic. In creation, we love, because what is before is, simply can be offered that support.

Philosophy – “To Hell with all Redefinitions, Difference, & Uniqueness” – 9/12/2020

“All originality pertains to the stagnant history of a thing, of a creation, of a development. When people can pertain their future to the history, they are responsible. For responsibility could only ever amount to a person knowing that their history cannot change. And so, the future should not change, though simply improve. For if they were to change their history, they’d change their identity, and they’d just change, not improve, their future. Through such division of difference, and such redefining of uniqueness, we repeat a bloodbath for a history. We repeat the core of human history, pertaining to selfish pride.”

– Modern Romanticism

All history is stagnant. All history is repeated through redefining of definitions, of words, of the world. For such is the reference to the redefinition, or the remaking, of history or our identity. As our history or identity is meant to remain stagnant, and never changed, it is through irresponsibility that a person does not keep such an identity stagnant. Responsibility is the sameness of a thing. Irresponsibility is the chaos that comes from redefinitions and change.

We are irresponsible, because we do not want to keep definitions the same. That is irresponsibility, because to be irresponsible means to never keep things pure. We are responsible in such a sense, when in love, or when we act on our love for a family member or friend. We want to keep them unwounded. We want to keep them unbroken. Such responsibility makes a person remain in that sameness.

As sameness relates to responsibility, then it is change, chaos, and repetition that relates to irresponsibility. How often is a man said to want to protect his woman? How often does a woman state that she doesn’t want to be protected by her man? Sameness for the former. Change and chaos for the latter.

Humans change by redefining their history. For the word “change” has a definition of its own. Not of sameness, makes that definition, when the word has no relation to logic or improvement. Logic has its relation to improvement, while change does not.

Any nation’s voting system, to term limits for a president or prime minister, makes such ways pertain to change, not improvement. Not of sameness, and the differing ideologies create the eventual chaos, for eventual nationwide political upheaval.

The person who believes themselves unique, believes themselves redefined. Once again, all redefinitions pertain to the lack of stagnancy that follows a lack of responsibility in repeating the past. We repeat the past, because we developed a world out of change and repetition. Change and repetition, versus improvement and stagnancy, are the only differences one should notice.

Improvement has no relation to stagnancy. Change does, however, because it goes in every direction, besides upwards. Improvement moves upwards, towards an eternity where once in outer space, there is no direction. For there is no direction in outer space. Though, improvement heads in that direction where change and chaos is impossible.

Quote – “Responsibility is not a Choice” – 8/7/2020

“To responsibility. To choice. There cannot be both, at the same time. For when we state that we must do something, say at the care of something, we always say the words, ‘I have little choice.’ For it means that, we are not able to choose, upon when we do objective right. We confuse choice with being responsible, when to be responsible means to forfeit one’s freedom, to be dutiful.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Sophia against Sophia: Discovery versus an Absence of Choice” – 7/18/2020

What makes the woman feel empowered? In the two eyes of mine, and only the two eyes of mine, I have observed it to be somewhat natural for a woman to be interested in vastness. Vastness of choice, and never a submission to limitation. She is interested in what causes her horizons to expand, and her choices to be upon the numerable. She is not interested in being limited, for she possesses wings. It is that a woman yearns for freedom, craves it like the wind in her long hair, and can sometimes starve herself to it upon the time she exits out of love. Memories are to a woman, the entrapment of her from experiencing a more.

Yet, why has no one seemingly considered, in recent years, that a woman’s “desire to discover” is based around herself? To a world, she is the most “edible being”. By that, she is given many seeds, many sprouts from her womb. As she represents life, she can represent what is starved of life. For the infant to the child will display widened, curious eyes. It is to say that little things are immensely curious of the larger in physical size. A woman, in that sense, is interested in a man’s power, not in her own.

Does a woman, in such a sense, even possess power of her own, if all she is interested in, is what a man can do? Of everything small in physical size, will become interested in the large in physical size. For a man will display acts of chivalry when he can, so that her intellect is preserved. To think of it in this fashion, that a man of larger physical form, might protect a woman of smaller physical form. It is that he innately comprehends her smaller physical form to mean that she possesses a greater intellect than his own. For a man innately comprehends that she is much better than he, in that she will not be as brutal. For a large physical size, in the department of animals, means dominance. Though, of shadows, and only of shadows, is the physical size apparent. Physical size creates shadows, and it is why a man has been termed a giant. To a woman, being small in size, must mean that to a man, she is his light. A true light, as more than any sincere compliment, refers her to him as a truer savior than any act of himself to protect her from physical danger with his size.

The small in physical size, has much for intellect. The small in intellect, has much in physical size. There is no third path, anymore than a person has a third arm.

Sophia was the fallen one of self-discovery. Truth, to a woman, is of her, for she is consumed by the world, both of breast and of comfort. Whether that represent, to today’s time, “comfort food” or to simply be stagnant and fearful, a woman is the seducer to the giant, to breed the biblical “The Fall of Man”.

In truth, there is something discovered. In love, there is a person discovered, who makes up our reflection, being not of the one we had seen only of ourselves. For to knowledge’s sake, we are seeing another world, yet a familiar one, for part of that discovered world of love, is ourselves.

Can a woman see that she is the tool of growth, to any nation, to any culture, to any idea of critical thought? Yet, she can be treated as not loved, though produced in a perpetual nature, enough to be someone mass produced of her expulsions. She expels from her the infants for newer generations. Though, when the world booms in population, this is misused, and mere lust becomes the lesson of any human. That lesson is the teaching for a human that they must create, to create, again. Love, or rather, having no choice, has no meaning in this.

For when we love, we have already discovered. And, when we have devoted ourselves, in the name of our life, to that special someone, we lack any choice to escape from them. It is that we do not want to escape, for we have already escaped from a worse world to a better one.

A man realizes to himself that he had nothing in his life, before he enters a woman’s arms, to then comprehend that he has everything.

A woman is the missing ingredient to a man’s moronic existence of continuous ambition. His life of independence halts when he has found a woman, having discovered his answer. To encourage a woman to engage in careers that pertain to science, might relate to the fact that a man has to halt all personal progress, soon as he has found love. When a woman’s psychology is used by the world to create the innumerable choices a society can have, there is no halt of progress. There is, again, the mass production coming from within her. She is continually used, though as merely a means to no end.

When possessing no choice, there is devotion. Though, not to the material, as having no choice will be for the non-material and organic. We love what relates to us, as we relate to what loves us. Therefore, in having no choice, we are not materialistic.

Philosophy – “Why Having a Choice Relates to a Low Attention Span” – 6/19/2020

In its respect, attention spans rely on what we realize we lack a choice in doing. To care, to be responsible for the pained child of ours, to notice that to love means to lack a choice. When we pay attention, we grant that attention when it is needed most.

To have a choice, means to abandon the duties of one needing to be responsible. Responsibility is granted unto creation. It is also granted unto what one has destroyed, and now one feels guilt for their actions. It is because reason offers a person many choices, while to love offers no choice for the individual. We are freed only of our desire to decide, to contemplate, to philosophize, when we love.

It is simple to understand, that when we see the one we love in pain, we say to ourselves that we possess no choice but to rush to their aid. It is fear that causes the realization of the danger. Though, it is not the fear that motivates us, as much as it is the feeling of love, that drives us on.

Though, when our attention spans have been shortened, it is because we always thought to have a choice. We even thought such decisions, given from our freedoms, to stretch beyond the scope of responsibility and care. We step beyond the realm of families, so that we end up as deadbeats or wretches, who do not care. We end up as Narcissistic individuals, who feel fear when attempting to comprehend another, to love them.

A lack of a long attention span is only ever formed, because of the omission of dutifulness. When we are not dutiful, we believe we are free. Through having numerous choices, we attempt to pay attention to multiple things, rather than paying attention to what is needed most. When we have many choices, we are not given many tasks, though many freedoms, as that is against the need to be responsible. To pay attention to a one, rather than on a multiple, is the same as loving someone. For we do not divide, when we love, as we see those we do love, as loved equally.

To be wholly free, means to be without a need to be responsible. Therefore, to have a low attention span, means we have not paid attention to what matters most, for another’s sake. Because, unlike a child, an adult has responsibilities, for they always pertain to providing for others, or contributing to a social realm.

It is the same when a child has a low attention span, is easily distracted, because their ways in the world co-exist with having no duties, no committed tasks, no responsibilities. A child inherently has a low attention span, because Nature has made them needing care by a mother and a father. Children have nothing to care for, except for the care-free wonders of their youth. Therefore, children have low attention spans.

Love is the emotion that requires an individual to be responsible, to be dutiful, as we lack any choice in what matters, for any matter.