A Review – A Blogger’s Upcoming Projects – 1/18/2021

In the current works, there are 2 philosophy dissertations being written, with one that ranges upon 30,000 words.

I possess over 1,500 poems written. I shall compile 20 volumes of 75 poems each.

For the future, there are exactly 20 more philosophy manuscripts to write.

As for novels, there are 7 WIP (work in progress) projects to be completed. 2 novels are already completed.

Then, for a collection of short stories, there shall be 50 in the book. 2 have been completed, with more already outlined.

Then, for a collection of flash stories, there shall be 100 in the book. For this, such have been labelled on my blog as “short prose”. 25 have been written, for this.

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