“What Defines Achievement?” – Excerpt from “The Origin of Prejudice” – 4/7/2021

“History is a repetition of what was concealed by the bandage to the wound, in the direct push of past errors to keep the future uncertain.”

– Modern Romanticism

Individualism can only be characterized as current stature. Stature is the recognition of one’s current place in the world that takes not to the collective’s self-comprehension, among what defines achievement. No individual achieves within the collective, due to that example must be shown so that repetition, through words, does not deceive a person’s comprehension of reality. Words do not express reality. Since that is the case, it is the acts of a person, led through by example, that reveals the definition of achievement. A collection would merely be the intrusion upon individualism, just as the past is meant to be offered forgiveness.

History repeats itself only in what is displayed as words. Words are repeated, because the actions that would make such dreams as realism have never been achieved. By the definition of achievement, only ever brought about by action, makes all manner of words, no matter how splendid, only the seduction or the deception. An explanation, however, would not be a deception, since any disclosure has already had prior action for the words to elaborate upon. For words to elaborate upon words, is a repetition. Then, it is true that an action to repeat a former one is the mere pointlessness of stupidity. The latter, of repeated actions that have always failed, is a showcase of a lack of learning.

It is not to say that achievement should forfeit itself at the single failure. However, to attempt the same method, in repetition, evokes a lack of learning for the individual. These individuals are soon placed with the collective of failures who’ve neglected to comprehend the definition of achievement. As it is not to achieve by the collective, though only through the individual, it is then to define failure as what repeats itself by words, alone. It is appropriate to state that an action cannot be truly repeated, without the words speaking louder. When words are speaking louder, it becomes the deception for the listener.

By this understanding of repetition, embraced in the delusion and deceptions of the collective, achievement cannot recognize itself without reality. What is real, besides being of what cannot repeat, due to our certainty of the past that has already been forgiven?

Philosophy – “The Two-Step Sequence to Problem Solving” – 2/13/2021

“Without the desire to care, one cannot advance to where one solves what is wrong. With all the knowledge in the world, there is none that can teach a person to admit a problem exists.”

– Modern Romanticism

Wandering to a bookstore to purchase a volume that teaches a person how to solve a problem, will not solve anything deeper than that.

The deepest problem that a person suffers from, is the unwillingness to care for what is wrong. One can have all the world’s knowledge, with no care for how to apply it. Whereas, it is possible to solve any problem, when the first step to this sequence, has been conquered.

The first step, the desire to care…

Versus, the second step, the knowledge applied for the problem to be solved…

And, one cannot skip the first step, to move onto the second. This is because, as it’s already been stated, one cannot solve an issue, without the genuine care for it.

An “excuse” or a “reason” for why one cannot accomplish their task, may come in all forms. One can say the words, “I do not know how.” Though, their lacking knowledge, for how to solve their issue, is never the true reason. Their truest reason is that they do not care enough. Such means, they have not conquered the first step, in this “two-step sequence to problem solving”.

This is how rehabilitation centers fail, for addicts. What with all the knowledge such a center possesses, will become useless when the addict, themselves, have not conquered the first step. Such an addict can only ever move onto the second step, when the first one has been accomplished.

Having a heart, is the first step.

Having a mind, is the second step.

Why else does a person enter a bookstore to purchase a volume on “how-to”, if not having accomplished the first step? It is then an impossible task, for any author, to write a book to teach a person to be motivated enough to solve their issue. This is to say that one cannot teach a person to care. Such motivation needs to come, from within.

One can receive advice from another, though only ever in requirement for sheer knowledge. Neither a friend, nor a therapist, can teach a person to care about what is wrong.

A Review – A Blogger’s Upcoming Projects – 1/18/2021

In the current works, there are 2 philosophy dissertations being written, with one that ranges upon 30,000 words.

I possess over 1,500 poems written. I shall compile 20 volumes of 75 poems each.

For the future, there are exactly 20 more philosophy manuscripts to write.

As for novels, there are 7 WIP (work in progress) projects to be completed. 2 novels are already completed.

Then, for a collection of short stories, there shall be 50 in the book. 2 have been completed, with more already outlined.

Then, for a collection of flash stories, there shall be 100 in the book. For this, such have been labelled on my blog as “short prose”. 25 have been written, for this.

Quote – “Leadership Requires No Experience” – 8/29/2020

“There is knowledge. There is leadership. Both are separate. What knowledge is there for leadership’s sake? To be a leader, requires something of far more value, over the divisions and pieces of knowledge. It requires heart. It requires care for a population. To have a heart, is something that cannot be taught.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Problem with Continually Blaming Greed” – 7/9/2020

“To blame the greed of an individual, can be more of a blindness to what that individual accomplished, of their own hands, climbing each step, little by little. It was not a feat, done overnight. How is such a person to be condemned by so-called greed, to not simply hand forth their earnings, when they can instead educate the youth to be as them, successful like them, and aspire to be them, if that’s what the youth desire?

If greed is always loose, seen as cured by loosened money from outstretched palms, then it is the accusation of greed that is just as.”

– Anonymous

Philosophy – “The Problem with Science” – 6/20/2020

First and foremost, a scientist will say to the Christians that the God of love, or even of the religion, itself, possesses no logic. To the God of love, being only of the Christian God, there cannot be 2 or more gods of love. No other entity can claim love to be its promotion. Even an Atheist would agree that love is the emotion of union, of togetherness, of the creation of something that is protected so it doesn’t fall apart.

Were there to be 2 or more gods to represent love, love would be absolved of its objective definition. Its definition, to be of oneness, of togetherness, of completion, cannot be something of a feuding 2 or more in the same name.

Science will be what willfully attempts to deconstruct to analyze something. It does not seek to protect. It does not seek to keep together. It does not side with logic. For logic sides itself with the responsibility necessary to hold things from being divided. That is, it seeks to not allow any problems to exist, in the first place.

For a problem, a flaw or an imperfection, can only be of existence. What of God? He is said to be perfect. And, He is said even by Atheists to not exist. The Atheist, in this sense, falls into the trap of what Christianity comprehends, which is that “perfection has no existence”. God is literally “non-existent”, unless one believes in the power of love, which science does not. Science only “makes use” of what does exist, being of something that can be torn apart to be analyzed.

When we love, we seek to turn an imperfection into a perfection. Or, when we love, we seek to turn an existence into a non-existence. Though, such an imperfection, such an existence, will be of the form. When concentrating not on the form, we concentrate on the mind. It is love, not science, that sides with the mind. For it is not that we see the wound, though see through loving eyes to the greater wound being the fear, being the responsiveness of the world to that wound.

Every scrap of knowledge a human has obtained, has been gained for their bodies. How many articles seek to display in the write, the benefits for flesh and human structure?

Every scrap of knowledge is only ever truly beneficial for the human form, not the mind. Love is beneficial for the mind.

Every scrap of knowledge has been gained by human idiocies and stupidities. Love has tolerance, though science will concentrate itself on the human form for its imperfection and flaws.

It is moronic to believe that science sides with logic, when knowledge would be a nothingness were humans never to have something to destroy. Love does not destroy. Love protects the loved one from being further damaged. It is that a church, a home, a human form, can be damaged, because it possesses physical structure. It is that science believes itself to benefit structure. Though, it is not science that will never wish to see something destroyed, viewed as parts, in the first place. That is how knowledge is attained, by something dismantled, and then analyzed. It is love that wishes to not ever have something demolished, to begin with. Love will protect the form, with the mind that has been empowered by courage.

It is that love will benefit the mind, while science will remain the thing to rely on human ignorance for its achievements, to boast about. For pride has only ever belonged to human achievement, while to love will never be what a human boasts about.

Excerpt – “A Fine Line for Justice” – Chapter Two – “The Ruling of Competition” – 6/2/2020

Structure must be divided between two types. There is the structure that never moves, though simply grows upwards, like the tree. Then, there is the structure that grows by moving and enacting based on the responsible self. The placement of Justice in this, is in the comprehension that through the responsible self, there is Justice for the realization of one’s wrongdoings. One’s wrongdoings are, of course, going to fall in line with the irresponsible self, being that of someone who does not want to confront their own mistakes.

The responsible one will enforce their wisdom to be uplifted, by the realization that what had been done was irresponsible. For any mistake in the world, realized to cause harm upon another, it had been done through the aspect of ignorance. Ignorance deconstructs, while knowledge will construct the structure, as has been the previous mentioning. Though, there could be the downfall for a structure, as a person, since that individual could be of the former or latter growth.

To be of the former, that of the growth that pertains to being alike a tree, is to realize that one is dependent. It is to say that something like the skyscraper, only rises through the essence of success. To build upon oneself, in the manner of believing one can grow through being wholly dependent, will make the individual powerless. Not only powerless, though also holding a lack of empathy for all others who surround that individual.

Individual accomplishment, never slowed by the distractions of being empathetic, will be done purely through the gain from someone else’s source. It is the essence of dependency that causes the successful person to rise, without needing to stop. Without needing to stop, would mean for each “successful person” to never achieve anything without being dependent. Such means that a person who is dependent, does not rely upon any other source, nor do they offer that source to anyone else. It is the definition of greed, to hog an endless supply from anyone else, while keeping it for oneself.

Empathy distracts the achiever by causing them to be slowed on the straight road to the individual’s success. They might be distracted by others who yearn for the same success. It is to be noted, at this time, that there are three types of people, upon the path within that realm of achievement.

There are, of the first, those who have achieved, have fulfilled all their requirements to be deemed a successful individual. There are, of the second, those who have yet to achieve, though hold full motivation to do so. There are, of the third, those who have no desire to achieve, because they lack all motivation to do so.

Place the second upon that road to achievement, and they can be distracted by their own empathy to pull the third with them. Only those, who are on the road to achieve, will ever be able to bring along those who can be revived of their motivation.

Those of the first will treat those of the third like a spread of seeds, needing to grow like trees, with hurled sustenance to rain upon them. They will treat the second as a threat, as though they might adopt their place of power. Those of the first will place active focus on the second, with passive focus on the third.

Quote – “The Loveliest Part of a Woman” – 6/2/2020

“There was a time when you did not know who a woman was, until you got to know her. There was a time when a woman would not be so direct, did not aspire to be as her mate, her man, in terms of all things she envies about him. To today’s time, when you look upon the Porn Star, you would know her to be one simply by every falsehood to her form, from every plastic surgeon who has ever touched her. To this example, in former days, there were the courtesans. To even them, you could not tell they were within such a vocation, without getting to know them.

The prettiest bird is never seen for how far it can soar, when it all it knows to do is stand still and be proud.”

– Anonymous

Philosophy – “Why Art is not Subjective” – 5/18/2020

“For all the infinite amount of pains in this world making up the subjective realm, there is still the seemingly ignored objective realm of love. What is art, if not expression? What is both love and expression, if not freedom and liberation? Therefore, whoever thought that standards were confinement, instead thought to enslave.”

– Anonymous

Call art to be subjective, then you’ve automatically turned the quality of an artwork to the quantity of an artwork. Subjectivity is defined as a whole being fragmented into a multitude. It is a fact, something objective, being turned into the numerous. It is what defines abstraction, when a person of such numbers, not wholeness, cannot see themselves as the latter. They see themselves fragmented, unable to collect what they can place in a piece for another to understand.

An artist should care for what the viewer thinks, as what has been created should be clear. Convey truth, like a leader should, with that clearness and an honest self. Truth is what art is meant to reveal. Everything of a person, that is broken, should not become art until it is collected of every fragment. Otherwise, the division you place in your art, as an artist, creates the inevitable confusion the viewer feels of your abstraction, when they cannot understand it.

Art cannot be subjective, when the greatest of masterpieces were created from the greatest of pain, meant for the connection to the viewer. In that connection, there is the oneness and union associated with love. The greatest of sorrows, being of emotions that are meant to create union among a world of viewers who are not blind, created that art. Love, a universal emotion, heals pain, being of numerous conflicts. If we, as artists, use our art to heal, then we are saying that art is objective. If we, as artists, use our art to show and glorify pain, then we are saying that art is subjective. Art is meant to heal pain, not create further shock.

It is true that for each person, their tale for their pain is different. Though, it is not so different in how we heal each other.

Love is the uplifting inspiration of art. If love is said to come from God, and God is said to be a creator, then where it also says that flesh will rise to be in Heaven, it merely means that truth is revealed through the trust for it. Why would an artist be so egotistical to say that no one on Earth can comprehend their work? It is egotism, because it isn’t true.

The honest art, as the pain that can be ripped from the agonized artist, is all the honesty to do with what art is meant to create. Healing. Art is meant to heal, and for all its diverse styles for each tale of pain, what person out there could not comprehend perhaps the pain of loss? To lose something important is something that each person can comprehend is the same sort of sting. Still filled with the pain, though it is only the story conveyed as the truth from the artist, to make up the artist’s individualism. One, as an artist, should not be proud of their accomplishment to create pain in a viewer, out of the shock confusion that is the typical reaction to abstraction. One, as an artist, should be proud of their accomplishment to heal another’s pain. This latter way makes art the objective expression.

An expression, being something for external offering, is like art, being a gift. Like love, it is never deserved, though is simply given. If this writing confines art, then such a person stating that must believe that love is a confinement, or that love should never be the free emotion. Rather, through this, it is proved that art is free in its expression, and free in the healing and love it offers.

We are pained people, and even if we lack a talent to properly swipe a canvas with a brush, whatever else we create is fulled with clarity. If someone still disagrees, then go ahead to raise your children, your own creations, with deceit. Go ahead to become your nation’s next Prime Minister or President, to rule through sheer manipulation. Whatever you create will only ever bury truth deeper, though won’t kill it.

Make art into something known as the objective facet of honesty from the artist. When an artist can create, he or she can create something that was buried. To spawn life from something thought to be forgotten. For what else makes the eternal art, as the art connected to the healing force of love, if not for something we believe is dead, though the memory lives on? Is this why an artist’s works are never appreciated fully during the artist’s time?

Quote – “The Problem with Promoting Self-Esteem” – 5/18/2020

“Promote self-esteem enough as a career choice, and you’ll begin to promote narcissism and egotism. It is because the people with the highest self-esteem, are those sociopaths who care little for what happens to others, so long as they can get ahead and become ‘successful’. It is always tiresome to see people turning their careers into ‘confidence boosters’ for others, when they’ll inevitably create a society full of self-centered rejects, who will be the first to go in any real threat.”

– Anonymous

A Quote of Wisdom – “Our Failures do not Define Us” – 2/29/2020

“Our success defines us, when we can comprehend that we’ve made it through perseverance, not through neglect. What insane person has injected the notion into a world, that our degradation or our shame, defines us? That, through each blunder or through each fault, we are who we are, because of that? It is wrong to state that, because through such continual comparisons to failure, we become failure. So to speak, we become the walking corpse who refuses criticism, because we’ve epitomized failure. If we were to reverse such a notion, and soon compare ourselves to achievers and successors, we’d embrace the past way of the ‘pupil becoming the master’.”

An Observation – “The Definition of Quality” – Psychology – 1/28/2020

Quality has an enemy, and that enemy is called “repetition”. Repetition is, of course, on the side of quantity, though it is the one thing that kills quality. It is so, because to imagine if the United States were to pay off its debt by simply printing out more currency, the dollar bill would eventually lose its value. To imagine, as well, if one were to eat the same food, such as chicken noodle soup for an entire month, would make one sick of eating it.

The example with chicken noodle soup is not the same as if one were to see their child, every day of their lives, and never tire of their presence.

A child, versus food, is the same as the difference between something that is easily seen as quality, versus something that is easily seen as quantity. Sure, food can be qualitative. But, to see a child as quantity, is the same as to define “slavery” as having the same meaning as “force”. That is, one must “force” their vision to see a child as a tool, not a human, as quantity, not quality. At the same time, one must “force” their vision to see the food as quality, not the quantity that sustenance was made for, so that the body survives. This is to say that we “force” ourselves to see food with quality, and human beings with quantity. Though, we will naturally see food with quantity for survival, and human beings with quality for love’s own sake.

Repetition, however, against quality, kills the quality to be worthless. For to see a human as a tool, will run dry their utility until they are as the broken tool. Worthless.

Does one grieve over the loss of food, were it to be wasted? It would be only in an environment were food is treasured more than the comfort of a human. In a realm of survival, food would be treated for its quantity to feed numerous mouths, though would be neglected for its quality. In a realm of comfort, human beings would be treated for their ability to comfort, and thus, quantity would matter little. For why would a human require to be viewed like a number, when such a thing, in terms of either survival or development (reproduction) is unneeded?

Art is destroyed by repetition, same with all other things made to be quality. Although, the gift of humanity is not something so easily destroyed by a number. It can be hidden, or asleep, though always comes back in the most exquisite form, to surprise us, and tell us that it cannot be suppressed without failure.