Political – “Republicans versus Democrats: On the Pandemic” – 2/9/2021

“It is only those who live among prosperity who can afford, and also side, with realism and the realist. Whereas, it is when people live among poverty that they can afford, and also side, with idealism and the idealist.”

– Modern Romanticism

To simplify the very difference between the feuding Republicans to the Democrats, in American politics, is to differ the realist from the idealist.

During President Trump’s rule, 3 entire years passed without a sign of the oncoming pandemic that hit during his 4th year. There were perhaps warnings of it, during the 3rd year’s ending. However, who could ever predict what would come upon a nation, beginning to thrive? Trump’s hay-day of 3 years gave America the understanding to the word “plenty”. Of economic benefits, to policies that shaped the nation, itself, to a leadership by example that showed other nation’s leadership that the only correct path is to take care of your own. How else to “lead by example”, if not to promote one’s nation and patriotism, so that other places follow suit of that correct mentality?

Though, the Republicans and Trump are all realists. To bring about “plenty” for a nation that did not yet have it, was for the necessity of perception. To see flaws, one needs to see beyond the veil of what deceives people. That is always factual. People will be content, until they are shown objective betterment. Just as a child who was abused for the majority of their early lives, now begins to understand the meaning for why his or her rescuers took him or her from such a terrible area.

“Plenty”, for a nation, soon dried up, upon the hit of the pandemic to the United States. “Plenty” was no longer a word in anyone’s mind. Only words such as “loss” and “poverty” were the new vocabulary. Of course, that naturally draws in the idealist.

This is where an American Democrat, or perhaps any form of Democrat, gains power. During the beginning of this crisis, the Democratic party saw opportunity. They saw a place to take shape. Idealism always grows newness, to take the place of the “old” with the “new”. Idealism is a mindset that replaces everything deemed to be “obsolete”. It’s the very nature of innovation.

Trump was soon seen as useless. Though, it was only because his current levels of poverty could not be raised back to place of prosperity it once was at. It was also because of how a realist’s mindset simply does not operate well in a world riddled with crisis.

The idealist knows their playground is the crisis. And, so, the Democrats, as the idealists and seekers of change they are, can comprehend so easily what this current pandemic is for them. It is a place for their empire to be built, upon the bones of many dead infected. That is simply how the idealist manages themselves. An idealist’s world does not consist of benefiting from a world full of plenty. For it is a realist who takes advantage of plenty. Whereas, it is an idealist who takes advantage of poverty.

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