Psychological Assumption – “Why PTSD Patients have Trouble with Memory” – 2/19/2021

“Of a mind’s system for memories, whether for old or newness to them, is always central when it comes to the notion of ‘moving on’. Though, the ‘freeze’ will remain upon the mind, while the affected person is still left within the past of one shattered winter.”

– Modern Romanticism

Memories cannot be made as newness, without forgiveness. To forgive the self, is harder than to pass this kindness upon even the worst traitor. Forgiving the self, requires acknowledgement for fault. It is that we cannot be innocent in anything. Without this forgiveness, we will continually punish ourselves.

Punishment is a gift. It is why the person who commits suicide, found their remorse as not worth the need for self-forgiveness. Depression is the feeling of self-blame. When all is lost, the self is left to persecute. The continued question of, “Why was I not stronger?” presses us, in that desertion upon our senses. We do not abide logic, even if it demands that we forgive fault. The recognition of fault, is to see we cannot be faultless. And, the acknowledgement of it, is to quit the denial that we still have much more to lose.

To take back, of newness, of a future, is what the depressed person cannot perceive. Their inability to surprise themselves with forgiveness, causes them to surprise all others with the final act of self-punishment. Of suicide, where the burden of self-blame kept them locked.

Forgiveness is how a person motions themselves onward. This kindness upon the self can unlock the mind.

What is more? Is it that people fear failure, or that they fear success? To fear the latter would mean a person is afraid of change. Of becoming something else, other than what they were accustomed to. Their stagnation, even of continual torment, became a sort of comfort. Though, as the greatest source of comfort and safety is always deception, something as this forgiveness would allow a person to notice truth.

To notice what a person can become, requires forgiveness. Though, as the scars remain, memories of the past would not simply disperse.

Trouble always lingers of a person’s memories, to be made into newness, out of lacking self-forgiveness. We cannot create new ones, because we are stuck with the old.

While scars remain, challenges still arise. Perhaps a person can look over their shoulder to smile, to then look forward with a neutral expression of calm.

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