2nd Excerpt from a Romantic Novel – “9 Months to Live” – 2/21/2021

His mind realized this, even at the still-blossoming age of nineteen, four years Lisa’s senior, as maturity is the most profound in witnessing death. By the death of his mother, the still-blossoming Johnathan became a full flower, yet would crumble if anything more than a simple breeze were to swipe his skin. Love does not, even to a child as him, have anything to ignore.

He now looks through Lisa’s eyes, to the young spirit of herself, to realize that, in life, growth is natural, though also painful.

To think on how much perhaps a dandelion regrets its own life, born to sustain itself on the nutrients of pre-disposed good flowers. To think on that, and then to ponder on the life of a rose, grown with a beautiful arrangement of petals, though could scar the palm if its stem were to be grasped. Living in such miseries, bleeding from the heart while nothing of the flesh does, is a person’s comparison to all we tear apart.

We rip the dandelion from its roots. We cut the thorns from the rose, so that it could be safely held. Even in our disbelief that life is meant to be painful, we still rip some things apart of purport.

We simply presuppose that specific things are meant to die. Or, we can accept that everything is like a burning fuse. Though, we might come to believe that through love, what seems so temporary as flesh, remains in the memory for eternity.

What does Lisa think of Johnathan’s touch, upon this moment?

Even in love, can she feel anything other than his skin? To not admit her as numb, due to her sympathetic form of grief, there is still a coldness. Though, by her eyes, to the appearance of a dead mother before herself, there cannot be much to direct to Johnathan. Rather, there is much to relive, and then, to know about, over again. Life does not repeat, by life. It repeats, by love.

Repetition is a cruel splash of the hardest hail upon our faces. Of life, where moments matter more than dreams. Of love, where sadness speaks more than the moments that indeed fade. For life, a person will always gain. For love, a person will always lose.

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