Philosophy – “The Lack of Humility in Today’s Justice” – 4/21/2021

“Is there truly a winner in a scenario where both sides are at a loss?”

– Modern Romanticism

Justice is served, as it is said. Though, to make Justice personal, turns it into Vengeance. An emotional story. A heartbreaking story. If one considers the weight of emotions, then perhaps one will be brought low in the humility behind objective Justice. Perhaps one will gravitate downward, through their tears and grief, in the comprehension that they’ve lost, as well.

War is justified, only when we understand no one has won. In the pain, by that lacing of humanity around ourselves, we know ourselves immediately as beyond the flame of power and control. Otherwise, we are as the beast, simply seeking to destroy.

In today’s subjective comprehension of Justice, it has become Vengeance. One cannot interpret Justice, without its objective meaning becoming splintered into individualized and segregated understandings of it. When the definition of Justice becomes individualized or broadened, it becomes Vengeance. Of a word, by itself, that references order, never division, then to just interpret it would make it its opposite. And, what does Vengeance give for the person who enacts it? It is to nothing but the reminder of what was lost. Unless, that is, one did not care for what was lost, and simply was the spectator to the entire scenario.

Everyone loses, in a dealing of Justice. Whereas, people are forced to remember the loss, when they wish to deal Vengeance. It becomes a cycle of loss, never of humanity where people can understand each other through their tears. Mutual understanding of pain comes not through the flames of ambition, though through the waters of humility.

People must weep, to understand pain and loss, itself.

Simply move on past the loss, or cling to the idea that one’s loss was instead one’s gain.

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