Unpopular Opinion – “Why George Floyd’s Relatives do not, and did not Care about George Floyd” – 4/24/2021

“It is impossible to care for the dead. That, it is impossible for them to improve, means that tears are all you need. Though, one cannot care for the dead, meaning they’ll never rise, never to improve, now that they are eternally fallen.”

– Modern Romanticism

What did George Floyd’s relatives do to improve upon George Floyd, in life? Though, they’ll improve upon themselves, in a multi-million dollar settlement, even before the Jury members were selected? Why does it take death for people to open their eyes? Why does it take a tragedy for people to come together, though destructively?

Were George Floyd to still be alive, he’d most certainly be the sole voice of reason to what people are enabling of the world, in his name. He’d be the one-man protestor against another’s pangs of doubt, and of their lack of discipline and dignity. Would he then question his family as to why the dryness and lack of humanity within politics has replaced him? Would he then question why politics, in its debasing and immoral ways, is standing upon his grave, figuratively speaking?

His relatives are not caring to George Floyd, anymore than the politicians are. If they did care, they would have raised George Floyd, differently. Though, it was indeed convenient for the politicians and perhaps even the family members for him to have died at the hands of a cop. It should be said, that with George Floyd’s mindset, were it to not be a cop that killed him, he would have died in some other equally horrific method. And, why does it require his death, for his relatives to find some meaning in this? Their lacking guardianship and guidance to George Floyd, may very well be the origin to his demise. Though, it takes his death for them to even just cast a simple glance towards his direction.

The totality of their absence, of keeping guidance away from George Floyd, is indeed apparent. The man was not raised well, to become who he was. Perhaps it is even appropriate to say that were he not to die at the hands of a cop, he’d be a mere unaccounted and unviewed instance of a black-on-black crime, that would never attain the level of heat and attention the past trial did. Again, for the convenience of political maneuvers and ambition, George Floyd’s death caught the attention of the media, among every gullible child who never knew of him, prior to his death.

We still cannot claim that the family cared, when they did not raise him in an objectively proper manner, that he would not end up this way.

One cannot improve what is no longer able to rise. One should not pretend to care, such as George Floyd’s relatives, when such was absent during his life. Their care, though not their grief, has no significance when such is only heard by opportunistic politicians, celebrities, talk-show hosts, corporate CEOs, among other sorts who crave power trips. It is the people who crave power trips who get off on death, who gain their wealth and influence from the decay of a corpse.

Philosophy – “The Pointlessness of Anti-Racism” – 4/22/2021

“One can be ignorant without being prejudiced. However, one cannot be prejudiced without being ignorant.”

– Modern Romanticism

To be anti-racist would have to mean to be anti-ignorance. However, how can one be anti of an absence, pertaining to ignorance, without broadening the void?

Instead, to make the error of relating prejudice to hatred, would have to mean to be anti-knowledge, if one is anti-racist by way of this hate. It is not hatred that fuels prejudice, though it is instead an absence of knowledge to another individual. In knowing the individual, one knows the culture, because one has penetrated past mere skin color.

A fascinating aspect of individuals comprehending each other is to open one’s doors to who one knows. Though, among immigration, to open doors to who one doesn’t know well, may be to invite danger. One raises walls against danger, inevitably so. Though, to comprehend the culture is to be past skin color. That is the knowledge, that against ignorance, is the only true way to be anti-racist.

One cannot be anti-racist, and at the same time, be anti-hatred. Genuine hate comes as an experience of betrayal, and through this, there was knowledge. There was, at one time, a connection between individuals. When betrayal struck, hatred formed when love, itself, became twisted and corrupt. Love is pure. To then become hatred, means for love to have been touched by it. Though, it is by the aspect of knowledge that two individuals once identified with each other. To be anti-racist would mean to be anti-ignorance, not anti-hatred. If one is anti-hatred, then one is for the notion that toxic people or betrayers should still be around those they betrayed.

If we are to be anti-hatred, as we wish to be anti-racist, are we next going to side with the idea that perhaps a woman should invite her narcissistic ex-husband back into her life out of blind trust?

To trust, is to know. Then, to have that knowledge, means to have wisdom. One has learned, from their past errors through experience of betrayal. More than all else, one has learned how to forgive. Love does not re-enter back into a modern realm, without learning how to forgive.

We are beautiful when we are fragile, when we are open. However, we cannot be open to evident danger. It is the danger that we know it to be, not among the individual, though typically among the collection. Though, we cannot say that the collective represents the individual, when it is through the knowledge of a one that we see a different perspective. Separated from the collective, and then a person is in awareness to an individual, not the group.

Individualism is to knowledge, as ignorance and fear is to the collective. Love has its realm within forgiveness, though must be to the experience of betrayal for it to be appropriate. Individualism should praise the idea of forgiveness, as the collective should reject the afflictions of fear and ignorance in place of knowledge. It is then that individualism rules, by this comparison.

To be truly anti-racist, among all these comparisons, would instead refer to being anti-fear and ignorance. To be anti either of those things, would only be needful, when we are for the idea of individual comprehending individual. To comprehend the individual, is in full relation to what is deeper than what represents the collective, being the external details such as skin color and race.

As it is, can one look upon the race to be like the cover to a book? That, if the book is never delved into, its details would remain in ignorance to the potential reader? If race is comparable to the book cover, then why would it be the discussion of any academic or similar setting? Is not the academic, or the craver of knowledge, more interested in the book’s details, over the cover?

Philosophy – “The Lack of Humility in Today’s Justice” – 4/21/2021

“Is there truly a winner in a scenario where both sides are at a loss?”

– Modern Romanticism

Justice is served, as it is said. Though, to make Justice personal, turns it into Vengeance. An emotional story. A heartbreaking story. If one considers the weight of emotions, then perhaps one will be brought low in the humility behind objective Justice. Perhaps one will gravitate downward, through their tears and grief, in the comprehension that they’ve lost, as well.

War is justified, only when we understand no one has won. In the pain, by that lacing of humanity around ourselves, we know ourselves immediately as beyond the flame of power and control. Otherwise, we are as the beast, simply seeking to destroy.

In today’s subjective comprehension of Justice, it has become Vengeance. One cannot interpret Justice, without its objective meaning becoming splintered into individualized and segregated understandings of it. When the definition of Justice becomes individualized or broadened, it becomes Vengeance. Of a word, by itself, that references order, never division, then to just interpret it would make it its opposite. And, what does Vengeance give for the person who enacts it? It is to nothing but the reminder of what was lost. Unless, that is, one did not care for what was lost, and simply was the spectator to the entire scenario.

Everyone loses, in a dealing of Justice. Whereas, people are forced to remember the loss, when they wish to deal Vengeance. It becomes a cycle of loss, never of humanity where people can understand each other through their tears. Mutual understanding of pain comes not through the flames of ambition, though through the waters of humility.

People must weep, to understand pain and loss, itself.

Simply move on past the loss, or cling to the idea that one’s loss was instead one’s gain.

Philosophy – “Why Racism is not an Act of Hate” – 7/24/2020

“When focus of fear occurs, it is knowledge that is gained of a broken people. Someone pulls the strings of fear, in the conquering of false competition and needless battle. Some puppeteer makes the dolls fight, in their trivial fights to be weakened.”

– Modern Romanticism

How often has a person been intimate with their “acts of racism”? Close in contact? They’d not be, unless they knew that person beyond the color of their skin.

For to know a person would mean to either love or to hate.

Hatred might blind the person. Though, so does love, to the individual who has a lover or a mother, or whoever else.

Do we know every dark secret? No. Though we must know something to enforce true hatred. Therefore, racism is impossible under the banner of actual hatred. It is true also that hatred cannot be of a collective. It is an emotion of loneliness, kept hidden, and only revealed at the mention of the specific individual. The fool who believes that racism is part of hatred, must deny that this suffocating emotion is a personal vendetta from individual to individual.

Whether love or hate, it is close, intimate, and understood. It goes beyond the shallowness of only noticing the skin color, to the heart of a person.

Controversial Topic – “George Floyd is the Left’s New Censorship” – 6/14/2020

It is known of the Liberal Left that they enjoy it when speech is silenced, that when a person speaks in a manner deemed offensive, they are quieted from talking. Simply call the person deemed to be racist, a racist, and they are quieted. Even the police in certain nations cannot arrest gangs, out of their petty fear in being called this even pettier word.

To speak on slavery as though the blacks only can comprehend it, is ignorance, in and of itself. What did slave-masters use for their tool to silence a black slave? They used the whip. What do Liberal Leftists use to silence speech? They have their own single words, like “racist” or “sexist” used to silence a disobedient “slave” and keep them from rebelling. Therefore, these methods of silence are only different in that they approach from a more subtle route, rather than a direct one.

George Floyd, in this sense, is dead, and his literal silence is what drives the ongoing riots and the Seattle takeover. Their more-than-disgusting ways have been what they deem to be justifiable in misusing the dead, and taking advantage of the silence of death. The silence of death, the censorship of a dead man, named George Floyd, is what the Liberal Left is taking advantage of. It is because George Floyd would be the “voice of reason” in this heat of unceasing conflict. Were he alive, he’d be the sole voice, as the loudest voice, to speak against current happenings. Were he alive, he’d might have a voice louder than any political leader, or civil rights activist. Were he alive, there’d be no need for something like riots, to occur. He’d lay his hand down and put a stop to them, through his sheer presence and voice.

His silence, in the grave, is what the Liberal Left takes for advantageous gain. For advantageous gain, the Liberal Left understand that George Floyd cannot speak, be the voice of reason against them, and therefore believe they are free through his demise.

This method of taking advantage of the dead, might as well be on the lowest level of committing necrophilia. For it is with the same word, called “usage”, that these Liberal Leftists are using the dead, for lust. As lust relates to gain, and gain is accompanied by the word “advantage”, it is here where we comprehend that these people have greatly lowered themselves.

Quote – “When the World Believes more in Death” – 6/13/2020

“To look upon the dead, believe them to be heroes, would mean to never see life as something to be praised. One has embraced cowardice, in this sense, in the belief that another should be dead, so that their death is taken for advantageous gain. A dead individual cannot fight back, cannot speak against what life has for the gain in their death. That is cowardice, objectively so.

Why cannot one celebrate life, rather than death? Why cannot one celebrate the memories of life, rather than death?

Does one dance upon graves? Does one play with the bones of children? How far does such sadism travel, when all pain should remain buried with the corpse?

Praise life while it remains alive. Do not lower yourself in martyring the dead when one is no longer able to hear their voice, their views, in sight of those doings. That is the definition of cowardice.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “In the Attempt to Call Vengeance, Justice” – 6/8/2020

“We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge we deem to be ‘justice’. But when we call our vengeance ‘justice’, it only breeds more revenge… forging the first link in the chains of hatred.”

– Nagato (Naruto)

Quote – “Why Justice cannot be Interpreted” – Pt. 2 – 6/6/2020

“All things related to Justice relate to order. Those things are of logic, of structure, of knowledge. Interpret something like Justice that relates to all these things, and one inevitably makes their own perspective as just a ‘fragment of the whole’. Such means, that through that fragment, that subjective interpretation, that opinion on Justice, there is that view of Justice becoming more-so a view of Vengeance. Such means, that this view will be everything related to disorder from order, to destruction from structure, to ignorance from knowledge. It is because a mere fragment of something like Justice, that relates to order, from laws and evidence, is the fragment that has become the piece of order. Because, all of order relates to wholeness, while all of the subjective ideas behind Justice relate to disorder and division.

Allow the freedom in a nation to interpret Justice, and that freedom has become a mere tool for division, and nothing more.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “To Remember the Dead” – 6/4/2020

“To remember the dead, by how they died, is the onset to cowardice. This is objective, through the realization that death needs not praise, though their life for when they were alive, needs praise. Praise the dead for how they lived, not for how they died. The former is honor, while the latter is cowardice. To praise the dead for how they died, is to praise failure in its most literal form. That is because, for each human upon Earth, we will undertake the tasks of life, to be away from death, from failure. Therefore, the only time a person ever fails, is when they die. If one remembers someone dead, for how they died, they are praising failure.”

– Anonymous