Philosophy – “Why a Man’s Rage is his Weakness” – 5/3/2021

“It is not so unbecoming of wrath, itself, to be the curtain above the waters. The flaming shield to the tears, for this is where a man protects himself, in deception. A man lies to himself, in self-preservation.”

– Modern Romanticism

Lies. It is the word a man clings to, whenever he shall be enraged.

Gentleness. The gentleman is one who no longer lies to himself, and in turn, confuses no one else. A man, or gentleman, is honest, is warm, and not ever blazes with the rage to show he cannot confess. His pleas, his darkness, would be hidden behind wrath, concealed by this burning light. No warmth from it, for it blinds, and does not allow another to see the hurt.

And yet, why does a man find addiction in this tempest of rage? It can only be because he’ll cling to strength, even if a false one. Through anger, a man deludes himself to have found strength. Though, they are the shackles upon his wrists. And, he has forsaken all else, perhaps of those he loved, that once gave him true strength.

Love blinds, though it is anger that conceals hurt just as burning oil can be atop a body of water. Love is blinding to the individual, though the burning oil upon the waters can stop us from ever drawing near to the beast. All of hurt that is beneath the flame can be drawn from as a bucket to a well, though who’d trust the beast this much? Who’d love the beast this much? Who’d not hate the beast, for all their supposed worth?

A frozen mountain, waiting to melt, to roll down the tides that were never bled out, from the man, is all to wait for. Though, who would endeavor to lend a hand, before the hurt, that rips the insides apart of the man, would cause him to end it all?

Into the void, he’d jump, before anyone else can find him.

A man’s lies. Or, a man’s confession. For deception, or for unveiled truth, there is this. There is the loss of himself that could be, once more, discovered. He’ll jump within the void, to find it, though shall never come out.

It is to strength that a human, of one who has been there, resided within the dark, can indeed share light if they were brave enough. Who lies, except for the Devil? Who harms, except for those flames of Hell? What is beneath Hell, save for humanity?

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