Philosophy – “The Importance of Black & White Decisions” – 5/21/2021

“Between choosing what is right or what is wrong comes down to having no choice but the correct one or to have infinite excuses to never make the correct choice.”

– Modern Romanticism

Some would shun away from such a notion that there is “right” or “wrong” within a set of choices. Even if those choices happen to be among the dozens or hundreds, then just like a tournament, it will dwindle down to just two.

No one wishes for a third choice, unless one wants to make an excuse. Out of those two, instinct, in terms of a person’s bravery, would draw them, as the individual, towards what is correct to choose. Out of the hundreds, or thousands, or millions, up to the infinite amount of choices to make, all comes down to a duality. A parallel, of sorts, because to have a decision to make is to exclude distractions and the excess.

To any of two choices, one will prevail, while the other will be discarded. It is to say, for anyone who can comprehend this, that to have one choice is to have none at all. That is where instinct comes into play. Because, when one makes the correct choice, one did not choose. One merely chose what was right, as it required no time to contemplate. It is to say that one already knew what to choose, before the options were open. Between familiarity and something that is alien and unfamiliar, there is simply the choice between the singular former and the plural latter.

The factor of “responsibility” does not enter for the decision, itself. It enters during the consequences of the decision. The decision, that was indeed a decision, bringing about cause and effect. Crime and punishment. Such is what a decision makes it out to be. The more choice, the more wrongdoing. The less choice, the more creation.

Would a woman, who decides on an abortion, comprehend any of the above? That, for her to make a choice, is to excuse the responsibility of consequence? Or, to excuse the consequence of responsibility? If she chooses for it, then she has chosen a method for destruction, being the incorrect one. For her to fight for choice, is to fight for excuse. It is, however, the opposite when a mother would find it nearly impossible to choose a child out of two, already grown, to die, when a criminal is pointing a gun at either or. Such a mother, with two grown children, would not be choosing for her offspring to live. Since all choices comes down to the death of correctness (or creation), then it is all rightness behind such correctness that would not be a choice.

We either choose to die, or to have no choice but to live so that we may be responsible for the consequences of our choices. All mistakes are based on a choice, because if we never learned from our errors, then we’d keep making excuses to never form wisdom. Though, when we do learn from our mistakes, we then have no choice but to the correct path. Unless, of course, we did not actually learn, though merely deceived everyone for regained trust.

Of decisions that have caused others, or ourselves, the pain, this is where individualism glows the brightest. It is so a person may see and objectively understand their mistakes, formed from endless excuse.

If we excuse responsibility, then we do the same for life. We would be negligent of it, or to simply outright destroy it.

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