Philosophy – “Victimization is the Source of Division” – 5/28/2021

“Upon pride, a person takes to addiction, being of the people and places they will never love. To pride, a person takes possession of the material, since to swallow the sweet deception is far more enticing than the bitter truth. No one swallows their own pride, without recognition to their limitations.”

– Modern Romanticism

No one is perfect. Though, the person who victimizes themselves, loves themselves, idealizes themselves. It is to their misplacement of trust, that they will now never believe themselves to have had fault in what was errored.

Victimization is the place of self-idealization, because to not believe oneself is at fault is to never learn from a mistake. To division, a person of this nature will further distance themselves from potential connections. It is because it is the human way, not God’s own, to form ever-lasting connection with the one who is also imperfect. Through pride, there is external blame of others, while the self clings to addiction over love.

One cannot love the self without idealizing themselves, or to remain ignorant in the impossibility of omniscience. It is God’s way to be perfect, so therefore He is called “omniscient”. Then, the oneness of omniscience could not be repeated, without the resulting division that is among those who attempt it.

Ignorance is of the person who refuses to believe in self-fault or imperfection of the self. Individuality is not to capability, though to incapability. It is why a person who victimizes themselves associates with a group, because through individualism there is understood fault between people. Love is then how the individual sees to the depth of another, rather than to themselves where their understandings are limited.

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