Excerpt from “From Delicate Heart to Resourceful Mind” – “To Disprove Materialism” – Philosophy – 6/13/2021

There is no method for the matter to improve, by replacing the heart with material knowledge or a mindset of materialism. Materialists would be those who find value in what can disappear, at a sudden. It is the objective notion of value that what should not disappear remains protected. To protect one’s own or another’s heart is to guard what others cannot be close to, enough for undeserved trust to become betrayal of given care.

To care is not to just be responsible with one’s resources, since one commits theft as the inevitable result to believing materialism can replace another’s necessity. One is not able to replace the loss of care or a heart with material substance, just as addiction should not be the attempt to fill the void of depression. Teaching another to care has no merit to what is needed for the individual, as such will become the dependence on the addict’s part in the belief there is another provider to it. To teach someone else to care inevitably has the result of cultivating addiction, due to what repeats itself as a pattern of dependence and self-doubt. It is then impossible to teach someone else to care for an issue, without believing sheer resources will grant the opportunity’s opening.

All else, besides the necessity of care, will be in comparison to sheer resources. Resources make up all knowledge at the disposal of one who is addicted to them, or it is responsibly that makes use of their availability. To any resource, it can become an addiction, since a lack of responsibility is all on part of those who treat them as endless in supply. Being irresponsible for resources is through the mindset of an addict, due to lacking care or to the outright negligence of their division. One cannot divide resources among those who would be irresponsible with them. Feeding an addiction is to feed the mindset of a person who shows their lack of individualism.

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