Poem – “Against the Broken Heart” – Love Poetry – 6/14/2021

Holding on
For the sake of sunrise
To blow its sparks
Over your prettied eyes.
I can calm
The ocean, within,
Only for your breath to fall
To a twist against a branch,
A limb to a form
Carved out into tears.

Shredded sadness,
Leaves pieces to the flesh
I had caressed,
Left to their scattering
On the floor
To your remembering.

Would you piece together
Each tear, back into forever,
While the sun falls
Back inside of your heart?

Would you wake
Each moon we break,
In its differing phases
Of insecurity and departure?

A candle has been lit
For the seasons to shift
Inside your despondent frame,
Mellowed on the broken leaves,
Harrowed in the arid night.

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