Philosophy – “The Ignorance in Focusing on Race” – 6/15/2021

“Ignorance sustains itself, when an individual never performs crossovers to others among its own kind. For each people, there is individualism. For each human, there is realized imperfection enough to state to the self that not all can be accomplished, while alone.”

– Modern Romanticism

Racism is an issue comparable to depression. It is, for what it represents.

Racism represents absence.

Absence of what? Absence of others, to fill the void a prideful individual immersed in a collective has kept as a gap within themselves.

Since pride will keep a person collected in their stubbornness, chaos is to their hearts in the belief they should not care for other individuals. Other individuals, who require not the convenience for what is most familiar, though the necessity that reveals itself as knowledge. We are in understanding of other individual, not collective, crisis when we possess this knowledge. The collective will remain ignorant, in that its sheer focus on surface-details, as race, punishes them in refusing to acknowledge the essence of sameness to crisis in other individuals.

Equality is the place of knowledge. We understand others, beyond the surface, and then comprehend ourselves the same as them.

The beauty of a human is in comprehension of our likeness to another, in the respect that we can form unity around such a notion. Togetherness is achieved only by the understanding of pain, mutually so, not to ever compete on its level.

Upon the surface, we notice the physical self. Within, we notice something more. Of others, we see difference in appearance, apart from ourselves. Though, within them, we see that greater essence that is meant to receive itself to us as all the same. It is a sameness, though the surface would block the prideful and stubborn individual from being its witness.

Whether upon the surface, or to another, to see the exterior, such as a detail of race, we are blocked from seeing that sameness that proves crucial to the creation of unity.

If an individual sustains their own ignorance in staying afloat upon the surface, then their cowardice is proven simply by never having the yearning to know more. If truth shocks or provokes fear to the individual, then looking beyond the surface is in comparison to seeing past the cover to a book. If those pages, just like the details of a human, are read, then there is greater knowledge to be had over the ignorance represented of race.

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