Love Quote – “The Error of Believing Love should be Realistic” – 6/17/2021

“For love, we are idealistic. To then place realism upon it, is to limit just how much could be done for a loved one, how far one is willing to go for them, and how much one will sacrifice that was never as valuable.”

– Modern Romanticism

2 thoughts on “Love Quote – “The Error of Believing Love should be Realistic” – 6/17/2021”

  1. You’re right… that’s the beauty of love, it’s beyond comprehension and we should never try to make sense of it. So glad I found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more. 🌹

    1. I’ve constantly compared love to being the one thing within this familiar world to represent “infinity”. It is why humans, being our imperfect, emotional selves cannot comprehend it. It’s as you said.

      Some people even mock the word, believing “love” is cringe-worthy in stating it belongs to fairy-tales.

      I believe love is what takes place in the evolution of people. It pushes the life onward, keeping them from lingering in the past. It is because we can find the negative areas of our history so tempting to dwell upon, yet it is love that tells us to forgive our enemies or otherwise become like them.

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