Philosophy – “Theorizing the Origin to Divide & Conquer” – 6/21/2021

“A people are divided when their home is never secure.”

– Modern Romanticism

Leadership should not defend its people, due to its focus meaning to be the nation. Leadership should support the nation, not the people. If the opposite is the focus for leadership, then the nation becomes neglected. When a nation is neglected, the people become divided the same way an earthquake breaks apart land. Groups are formed, under the divided crust, metaphorically so. Divided crust, being a metaphor, though in relation to how a nation, when neglected, divides the people.

Unity is not the motive to a leadership that focuses on its people, while neglecting or even rejecting the values their nation have upholded. Erasing these values, is to replace such with chaos. Order is the same as a unification to a nation, because a leadership cannot unify a people without force.

Forcing a people, not ever setting the example, is to make slavery out of those who attempt to be individualized among such set collectives. Among division, there is different collectives, not individuals who can be told apart. It is chaos, mingling together, that cannot be differed apart. Groups are compiled with the individuals, within it. Though, nothing is told apart when the collective refuse the value of individualism.

It is individualism that sets the example. Leadership, through example, is to value the individualized nation, not its focus upon the people. Individualism focuses upon individualism, forming connection out of admitted incapability. Though, a group, through its pride, would not admit to such. Incapability is to individualism, though stubbornness unto pride will be to a collective or group.

A leadership can divide a people, when the singular support, individualized on its own as a nation, becomes divided beneath them. A people are divided when their support, being the land or nation they have walked upon, is divided. This was, again, because of the current leadership not focusing on the nation, though the people.

A leadership can conquer a people, when such never is together under true unity. Individualism is stopped under first the negligence to the nation, and then the people neglecting or rejecting each other.

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