Quote – “The Difference Between a Politician and a Leader” – 8/4/2022

“A politician knows their books. To be a politician, one must be expected to hold experience. Experience with what? Well, all experience amounts to one thing only: deceptive handiwork. While we learn, we wish to learn more. A craving for something like knowledge becomes a trait for masochism, when satisfaction remains unreachable. Although, for leadership, a thing like experience or knowledge becomes defined as needless. If popularity held a special requirement for its growth, no leader could influence their people upon a singular word. Leadership requires heart, being something that no book can teach. A heart that inspired another remains divided from knowledge, stemming from brains. Knowledge cannot inspire. Instead, knowledge deprives a person from an aspect called fulfillment. All knowledge goes to waste without a heart that will guide resources to correct designations.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Leadership by Example” – 10/16/2021

“Leadership by example will not tell the world how it’s done. Rather, it will show the world how it is meant to be done. The leader who governs his nation, focuses on his nation, not to either interfere nor place other nations ahead of his own is a leader by example. That is, to lead by example means to aid the self along with what one knows best, showing to other nation’s leaders that the rule of loyalty and commitment shows itself best through actions, not beautified words. For the leader to aid what is closest will show to the rest of the world an example that is being set, causing either the effects of envy or the education of those same factors of loyalty and commitment.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Theorizing the Origin to Divide & Conquer” – 6/21/2021

“A people are divided when their home is never secure.”

– Modern Romanticism

Leadership should not defend its people, due to its focus meaning to be the nation. Leadership should support the nation, not the people. If the opposite is the focus for leadership, then the nation becomes neglected. When a nation is neglected, the people become divided the same way an earthquake breaks apart land. Groups are formed, under the divided crust, metaphorically so. Divided crust, being a metaphor, though in relation to how a nation, when neglected, divides the people.

Unity is not the motive to a leadership that focuses on its people, while neglecting or even rejecting the values their nation have upholded. Erasing these values, is to replace such with chaos. Order is the same as a unification to a nation, because a leadership cannot unify a people without force.

Forcing a people, not ever setting the example, is to make slavery out of those who attempt to be individualized among such set collectives. Among division, there is different collectives, not individuals who can be told apart. It is chaos, mingling together, that cannot be differed apart. Groups are compiled with the individuals, within it. Though, nothing is told apart when the collective refuse the value of individualism.

It is individualism that sets the example. Leadership, through example, is to value the individualized nation, not its focus upon the people. Individualism focuses upon individualism, forming connection out of admitted incapability. Though, a group, through its pride, would not admit to such. Incapability is to individualism, though stubbornness unto pride will be to a collective or group.

A leadership can divide a people, when the singular support, individualized on its own as a nation, becomes divided beneath them. A people are divided when their support, being the land or nation they have walked upon, is divided. This was, again, because of the current leadership not focusing on the nation, though the people.

A leadership can conquer a people, when such never is together under true unity. Individualism is stopped under first the negligence to the nation, and then the people neglecting or rejecting each other.

Political Quote – “Realists and Idealists” – 2/9/2021

“Bring plenty to a nation, and it is the realist who will be loved by all. Such a leader has merely taken advantage of what was always present, did not require change, though simply needed a people to be reminded of it. However, shatter a nation, and then the people will forget their country’s color, will cling to the soon-to-be idealistic leadership, out of personal experience to how poverty brings them only deprivation.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Deifying Leadership” – 1/25/2021

“Angelic. Pompous. And crude. The barbaric leader rules, with angel wings tainting the world, into sin. Comfort, of deception, makes a person never knowledgeable of themselves. They are death. The walking undeath whose brains have rotted faster than their forms.”

– Modern Romanticism

The mind can decay. The form can decay. Which dies quicker? Which decays faster? Our consistent and nowadays love to our bodies, is not for the cultivation of what might grow in our minds. We never balance the physical with the metaphysical, of pleasure versus love. We are not unified, when we are deceitful to ourselves, and then, the same unto others. We are only ever unified when we wave the banner of objective and inarguable truth, for others to follow it.

Barely does anyone know what grows on the two flat ends of a coin. Perhaps they’d not be the continued-in-purpose rivals, destined for the other’s defeat. Perhaps, through their existence, they are unable to live without the other. Perhaps, in their existences, all things should always be paid attention to, for the selfless sake of both stories told.

Unity does not ignore, especially among what was created. Division ignores what was split, left to rot in the past, may have represented the mind, while the form flees onward. If we are physical, then we represent love. If we are metaphysical, then we represent what we despise. This is to say that when it comes to the mind, nothing is more forgotten than what logic says to erase or forget on a straightforward path. When it comes to the form, many entanglements can be done, to rarely ever be undone, except for the mind’s own interference.

We seem to deify Devils.

We rarely ever comprehend we are all angels, until someone remembers what it means to be both.

Each person holds black and white in their heart. They are not feuding, though permanently working alongside the other, comprehending that one’s own existence is necessary for the other to survive.

Excerpt – “Sweet Medicine – On how Leadership Utilizes the Focus of Speech to Deceive” – Philosophy – 1/13/2021

Speech is the tactic for which a leader uses, that reveals nothing for the underlying proof. As it should be mentioned, the term “intention” cannot be signified in speech. Among any person, each secret that is within one of us, will never be revealed without implemented trust for a listener. Such means, that were a leader to a nation never to reveal intention, only ever signifies that there is no trust from leadership to the people. Would it be the correct case to believe that a nation’s people should trust their leadership, or that the leadership should trust the people? If such is ever the latter, then it is that the leader, without trust for the people, holds fear of the population to be threatening. Though, the only ever time when the former is the case, is when leadership is honest and forward by the fact that nothing is held within, for the sake of the people never being speculative.

Of a nation where freedom is seen to the population, there will always be thinkers of this characteristic. Free thinkers, to be those of speculation, will never be trusted by leadership. Such would mean that the only method to subdue this distrust would be to abandon the nation’s people of their ability to freely think for themselves. It can only be, that in a nation where its people are trusting of its own leadership, there will come of it either the pure darkness of poverty or the bliss that name some places “Heaven on Earth”. Again, to make either the case of the result, trust must be the implement for leadership so that blindess will be to that result. As people are blinded both in darkness and by intense light, there will be to both the shutting down of people’s free voice.

Freedom, by way of a people’s speculation, has no room to trust leadership. Speech is the way for either existing leadership or for new leadership to make itself the sole presence of mind.

Quote – “The Speaking Leader, is the Deceitful Leader” – 10/31/2020

“The fool who desires leadership in the sense for which it speaks, only exists to yearn for deceit. It is only ever a lie that is the most comforting aspect of speech. As truth will shock, lies will convince, making deception the one thing that can soothe insecurity. For security’s sake, we are loyal to leaders for their speech, for their lies, to say the correct thing. For it is in the name of security that we hold our insecure selves, placing trust in deception so that the right words may be heard, at all times.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Objective Leader” – Pt. 2 – 10/5/2020

“The objective leader has but one mission: to never let division take place. To those who believe in fire, are the ones to deconstruct for the sake of the vendetta. To those who believe in water, are the ones to gather what cannot be mixed with the oil that would burn. Leadership constructs the unbreakable nation. Leadership maintains the structure he has both begun, and then disciplined enough to remain standing. Leadership punishes those who dare to deconstruct what he loves.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Objective Leader” – 10/5/2020

“The objective leader does not spark panic, for he does not cause fires. The objective leader does, however, use water to tame those fires. In the name of what Justice ridicules, being the flames of Vengeance, the leader soothes tempers and calms sorrows. The leader has no vendetta against a people, as those with fire do. The objective leader is a shepherd, meant to keep together the ones who might stray from his gathering. For what leader, of a subjective sort, does not merely take apart the gathering of that flock, that oneness?”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Corrupted Justice” – 9/9/2020

“The path to Justice is slender and perfidious, fraught with missteps of ambition and despair, egotism and doubt.

Should you choose this road, beware those who would waylay your hopes and disembowel your dreams.

Remain sure and remain true.”

– Path of Exile (Izaro Phrecius)

Quote – “The Security of a Leader” – 9/9/2020

“A leader cannot simply stride forward into the future and expect his people to be able to follow.

A leader must look over his shoulder so that he can witness and understand the consequences of the path he has chosen.

To ensure that his people are still with him. To ensure that he has not become lost.”

– Path of Exile (Izaro Phrecius)

Quote – “The Idiocy in Refusing the ‘Ignorant’ Leader” – 8/29/2020

“If heart is what it takes to be a leader, then can this be taught?

What person can be taught, through schooling, to have a heart, to care for what they are about to govern? If such is impossible, then leadership cannot be centered around experience and knowledge. There is blatant idiocy in stating that a leader, who is ignorant, cannot be one. What does one wish? To ask the leader for an answer to the meaning of life, may as well be the next question to him.

Heart cannot be taught. To be ignorant on any other matter, has no importance for leadership.”

– Modern Romanticism