Philosophy – “Beneath the Skin – Understanding Equality” – 6/25/2021

“There is much that bleeds, within. Beyond the shield that stops us, beyond the preference we hold to be different Bibles, there is a light that warms us with the same understanding of reality.”

– Modern Romanticism

Sameness. It is a word that understands the earth, beneath the layers, beneath the cloak. Beneath what guards, love is unconditional. Though humans will place conditions upon the various, depicting their preference in what is known to what is unknown. We are prejudiced in what we are ignorant towards, not for what is understood. Not everything can be understood, until we empathize.

Until we recognize ourselves in another, that for what we hate is the same as what is despised of ourselves, we are prejudiced. We are distant. Distrusting of others, because we failed to reach deeper.

All people bleed the same color, as we all drown at the same depth. We are pained at the same harmonies played upon our bones, broken at the same amount of fragments.

What is love? It can be said that love sees. It knows. Among all there is to love, there is everything to be known. Though, it is for people, that there is understanding to them, the same as ourselves. Believing in love is the same as believing in what was never real, denied to be, until it shapes itself in what was always known.

Crippled are we, in our ignorance. We are equal, within the pages that are innumerable. No ending to a sentence is the final chapter to a tale. No final breath means that a person can no longer speak.

Equal are we, in love. Within love, within arms, all comes to circle back to ourselves. We can blame ourselves for our ignorance, in not seeing a heart, damaged in the same state of ourselves. We become challenged to break another further, or to break ourselves as the wave upon their shoreline. To hurt further, or to weep upon their shoulder.

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