Philosophy – “Why Human Responsibility is the Enemy of Progress” – 11/11/2020

“No human could immediately correct themselves, without needing convenience. Whereas, no human could form wisdom, without an extended time in suffering.”

– Modern Romanticism

To think science would be needed, if there was a way for all humans to “grow up”, is the definition of ignorance. All humans, when errored or imperfect, displaying such in their actions, when observed by scientific eyes are granted as an idea for a correction. A correction. For to correct the error of a human, is progress. Is it “progress” to say that a human has been corrected of their error, through immediate convenience. We can also say that the human form, full of errors, is the definition to things so instantaneous, like lust, exiting as quick as it entered. As it is, all human bodies enter and leave this world like the flicker of lightning. To differ the body from the mind is to differ a “temporary” aspect from an “infinite” aspect.

We could not be errored beings, without our bodies. Not at all could we be understanding of our imperfections, of our flaws, without in the knowledge that such is seen in the mirror. Of our flesh, of what has been sculpted, perhaps to the detail of an amateurish artist. We can protect, out of love, though against what if we never interact, if we live alone?

Human interaction is the necessity to which a person finds error. Through observation, we see error, we criticize it, and then find a need to correct. Though, on the side of progress, wisdom is never for its sake. As in, wisdom does not heed progress’s wish. That is, for progress seeks correction of every imperfection, instantly. It is to the same example of a wound, needing its bleeding to quit. For when the act of pressure to the wound was performed, it was immediate in its desire, as quickly as the wound was observed to be severe.

Wisdom would tell a person to find a dutifulness in responsibility. Wisdom would tell a person to not commit the same fault, twice. Wisdom would tell a person that error is inevitable, and thus, should not be believed it can be extinguished, in absolution. It would be the case, upon two occasions: love or death, making either the time when we stop seeing errors, and consent to the outcome.

It is then that wisdom makes the human not needing progress, not needing science. For if all humans were wise, heeded the need to be responsible, no immediacy of science’s offered conveniences would be necessary. It is rather a petty revelation, to which science only exists to offer convenience, at the absence of wisdom, and the continued existence of human error. For the more errors that scientific eyes can notice, the more there is to correct. It would indeed take more time, to form wisdom. Though, to what science offers, makes time our greatest impatience, and the immediate moment making our greatest desire for a cure.

Philosophy – “Why a Human cannot become Perfect” – 10/24/2020

“What life to live, without bleeding? How does a person feel alive, if they are never wounded?”

– Modern Romanticism

The arrogant fool is already dead, while possessing such a mentality. To say the words, “God is dead”, by the Atheist, is to say that the arrogant human will die. That is the imperfection of us. Death. Human imperfection is proven objective, upon when we disregard it. We become egoists, and believe ourselves invulnerable, or one day to attain the level of perfection.

Then, that person dies, due to that someone else defeated them. Someone acted out to usurp them, in their egoist ways. When they were not embracing of other’s flaws, it was only due to that they were not in realization of their own. When another saw their egoism as a lack of empathy, they took down this falsehood.

Though, what life does one live, upon this godhood? If God is ever dead, then God was never existent. Thus, we understand both the Abrahamic teachings of an eternal God of Love, among our imperfect selves. For we are unable to “live”, without possessing wounds. It is the same when we say of Christ, “He lived.” The human lives, for it makes God never a Creation. Rather, God is a Creator.

Love never manipulates. Rather, love would test what would manipulate another. Creator upon Creation, as this is the test of a child dealing with their sibling. Of Cain and Abel, it is the same. The first murder, of no trust and mere jealousy. Cain led Abel, out of deception or manipulation, to a field where he struck him with a rock. Love tests, as it is imperfection that makes us realize we are not in control.

No human lives, without realization of not being a god. No godhood, and we are accepting of flaws. No godhood, and we are embracing of each other. If the first mortal were to become immortal, it would reverse the fear of life to the fear of death. We’d become soldiers of our own misfortune. We’d become desirers of our own end. And, we’d prove, most of all, that we cannot die without fearing something else. All those with suicidal intentions, fear life, due to this logic. In fearing life, we embrace death. We embrace what has always made us imperfect, though now makes us perfect in a decision we cannot part from. Therefore, in saying the words, “God is dead” is to say that a human god would have no existence, would be dead.

Human perfection is not attainable due to that death cannot precede life, unless for the continuation or fertilization of it. As we enter this world, we were born from a mother. We were born from a woman who was, and is, fertile. When we die, we exit into the soil, pertaining also to fertility. However, no life has died, before it was born, making love the only thing ever to be eternal.

Quote – “Mental Illness” – 9/21/2020

“Oh, the Schizophrenic is none so accursed as one might think. Their ability to look at the world differently can be a boon to those who see this realm for everyone, in a stagnant and uneven position. As I am one diagnosed with such an illness, it is then that I perceive what a human is indeed cursed to fragment, though blessed to place together in order. The only emotion I can think of to represent this order, is a one that holds all others in place. It is love.

For who I love can be fragmented by perception. By the analogy, I dissect. Though, by love, I reinforce.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Security of a Leader” – 9/9/2020

“A leader cannot simply stride forward into the future and expect his people to be able to follow.

A leader must look over his shoulder so that he can witness and understand the consequences of the path he has chosen.

To ensure that his people are still with him. To ensure that he has not become lost.”

– Path of Exile (Izaro Phrecius)

Quote – “Why Love Never Dies” – Pt. 2 – 9/6/2020

“Humans do not part by love, though part by trust. Within trust, physical closeness is there to reprieve fear, prejudice, and ignorance. Who we love in our lives, is always given trust to suppress doubt. Who we ignore in our lives, is always given distrust to encourage doubt.

Why would a songwriter write of ‘dead love’, when it is the trust that always dies? Surely, they could not write the song without the memories of them, and the experienced hurt?

It is never love that dies. It is trust that dies, being scaled to an extent of no determined eternity.

Though, what we remember, is always forever as much as it was important.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Impossibility of Inherent Evil” – 9/5/2020

“For human functionality to take place, then humanity must be, even at the smallest increment, existent in the person’s spirit. Even the human who attempts to make themselves purely machine, would not function were it not for the small percentage of humanity still stored within them. To be 99% the psychopath or the narcissist is only possible. For to be 100% lacking of empathy and humanity is impossible.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Fires of Vengeance, Waters of Justice” – 9/1/2020

“Grief compels the fool to act out, from it. Grief compels the fool to raise a fire against those who wronged them. They are consumed, blinded, by the need for Vengeance. The blood boils up to their eyes, and they see nothing more than their own carnage.

A common human element is hunger. Hunger is the most fundamental of human desires. Though, when we give into it, we are corrupted. And, we share that corruption with others who also ache from hunger.

Yet, water will relate to Justice. Water will douse the fires of Vengeance. Justice will forgive. Justice will stay calm. Justice will quench thirst, instead of satiating hunger. Hunger is endless. Thirst limits us, for our stomachs do not expand, as we do not grow larger, from water. Water purifies us from corruption.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Idiocy in Refusing the ‘Ignorant’ Leader” – 8/29/2020

“If heart is what it takes to be a leader, then can this be taught?

What person can be taught, through schooling, to have a heart, to care for what they are about to govern? If such is impossible, then leadership cannot be centered around experience and knowledge. There is blatant idiocy in stating that a leader, who is ignorant, cannot be one. What does one wish? To ask the leader for an answer to the meaning of life, may as well be the next question to him.

Heart cannot be taught. To be ignorant on any other matter, has no importance for leadership.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “A World without Love” – 8/29/2020

“We are ignorant, due to the fear that keeps us parted. We are knowledgeable, due to the bravery that keeps us close.”

– Modern Romanticism

Each human possesses a history. Though, such can only ever be discovered through making oneself vulnerable to the senses of another.

We should not hurt, alone. When alone, and when we fall, what lifts us? Were a human to have broken legs, who’d carry them? Were a human to have a broken heart, who’d mend it? All the time, a person believes they can handle life, on their own. Has such a mindset resulted from continuous betrayal by others?

We cannot know another simply through “external” details, such as appearance. This much is obvious, and forms a prejudice that generalizes the one person from the next, solely by those surface details. By the surface, the prejudiced human is in fear of diving to greater details. It is the same as a book cover, where the fearful person is not wanting to look beyond the surface, to see something of always greater truth.

Defeat is no testament to the rejection of love. It is the support of it, for it to raise another to a state of completion, and once more, movement.

Yet, no politician can legislate love, without sparking fear, instead of courage, for his people. No leader can unite a population “around love”, without resulting that love to be its opposite, being fear. For as we are heroes in love, we are cowards in fear. Such of the latter is obvious, though for love’s sake, we cannot simply collect ourselves through the instincts of being protective of each other. That is, we will not be protective of each other, when trust is not being offered for those around us.

We allow another in, through trust. We keep another parted, through distrust. The subjugating dictator who “unites” his people under what he believes to be a vision of collection, is always a collection in the name of fear. Such is always the result in the individual becoming detached from that collection, and forming a rebellion.

That rebellious individual is the free one. They have detached themselves from the collection, to have their own voice.

Limits come into play, when we forget that love can unite, though only by who one trusts. When we trust, we can know. When we know, we can hold secrets, and we can be private in intimacy.

The whisper in the ear, the caress on the neck, are intimate sensations that would only be enacted, upon the feeling of trust. The rapist, in this sense, is subduing the individual, out of force. Through willingness, we are subdued out of a submission to who we trust. Through force, we are subdued out of a submission to who we do not trust.

It is through this, that those who think on collections without trust, think solely on numbers. Whereas, those who have love in their hearts, believe in oneness.

All instincts, related to protection, are to defend what is completed, through genuine and actual love. For were we to lose what is collected to us, to make the oneness, we would lose ourselves, too. Genuine love makes a oneness, objectively so. We are not one when we can easily lose from us what we view to be expendable.

Quote – “Of Humanity” – 8/25/2020

“There is no such thing as a paradise on Earth. For this reason, humanity will always reveal its brightest light during the darkest of times.”

– Modern Romanticism