Excerpt – “Why Love is Useless” – 6/26/2021

“The mind, to which resonates with convenience, holds its place as well with competition. Lesser or greater, in the limited value, though nothing is more infinite in worth than the heart. In comprehension of that, one is able to admit that the life being saved was more valuable than what was used to prolong its existence. If to find more value in medicine over the life such treatments are used to save, then such an individual cannot even understand the difference between a tool and a human. For what is used, versus what is protected, there is everything for the sake of the latter. It is in finding infinite value with what cannot be utilized. Then, to believe medicine holds more weight in worth than a human life, would make all doctors and other practitioners of this art lack the comprehension that just the former is useful. How it is the case that a doctor would find greater value in the medicine, if it is being used to its disappearance? Such doctors or practitioners would not understand the simple notion that knowledge from discoveries is useless if it is never used or put into practice. Protection is not to what is used. It is among what is used to prolong the protected individual, that such is being utilized to then vanish.”

– Modern Romanticism

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