Philosophy – “Why People are not so Different” – 6/27/2021

“It is those most prejudiced who thrive in the sheer desire to be different. To them, another’s distrust or simple dislike to their difference, becomes their empowerment. A taste of power, to the modern individual, is just as the average dictator’s liking of a population’s fear that is grown through the same distrust.”

– Modern Romanticism

Prejudice clings to the notion of difference. As humans, we are different, if just on the surface. We are not so much different, within ourselves.

To think on book covers, in this regard, is through the understanding of preference. With preferences, brought through what is believed to be least or most convenient to an individual, is understood to those differing details upon the surface. We comprehend, in modern days, what is most “available” or “accessible” to ourselves. It is rare to a be a witness to a sight of a one who understands that everything either available or accessible has been the realest of shared understandings between people.

We avoid this truth, just as we avoid others. It is the truth that states two humans are alike, through connective traits marked to be the most fragile aspects among a person. Two humans, so alike, are so in what is avoided within the other. That is, these connective traits encompass all what a person is not willing to admit. It is the hurt, the emotions that reveal human fault, as no one admits this due to wanting more for the sake of being different.

We spread more colors upon the surface, than we do in showing what is colorful within ourselves.

Nothing is least different, between humans, than what is within them. Their lack of admittance to this truth is through the desire to be different. Though, in believing themselves as different, the result is a shield against understanding to become mutual.

Distrust and prejudice is bred from a belief in difference. Beyond the surface, beyond the book cover, there are the details throughout their infinity.

Within a person, there is much to learn.

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