Personal Post – “A Weight upon a Blogger’s Soul” – 6/28/2021

“Whoever saves one life, saves the entire world.”

– Oskar Schindler

Once in a time of my life, I rescued someone from the brink of their disaster. Maintaining consistent contact, I constantly worried. I unendingly concerned over their well-being.

Hong Kong was finding itself in ruin, at a slow crawl to that point.

Mainland China was soon to annex it.

Before Hell had consumed the city, I pulled this person free. Before a framing to a crime would have put this person behind bars for 4 years, I set them loose.

Once in a time for both of our lives, the both of us found purpose in each other. Though, the dangers kept coming.

The same country that annexed Hong Kong has been supposedly responsible for a pandemic.

However, I am one to believe that our love for each other became our greatest vulnerability.

Not Hong Kong’s annexation. Not China. Not a pandemic. Our love.

To them, I have written a number of poems that draws close to 2,000, in total.

I saved their life. I kept them from a fate worse than death. I could have turned away. I could have pulled back, to save my own skin.

Though, I was ready to brand myself a murderer if I had failed.

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