Poem #1,724 – “Love at the Cruelest Glance” – Love Poetry – 6/29/2021

Pleasant seas come at their soar
For scented waves, never more adored.
With sorrow’s guide for a beautiful hand,
Symptoms are shared for one, abhorred.
Sensation upon a distant land,
Weeping between sealed fingers
Clutching the neck never kissed,
Strangling barren love.

She caresses her eyes in the glaze,
Twin folding lids that conceal her hurt,
While she fades through an hourglass,
The sand to what shall not last.
She glides as a serpent at sea,
Feeling her passage through histories past,
A naked voyage for symmetry.

Crystal upon her blasted back,
A crater with the sand in heat.
Her eyes roam the world,
Discovering where love was not pulled,
Hurting in an aching desire to lull.

An absence to her broken heart,
For water’s reflection, not looking back.
Abandoned scenery that always lacked
Its display upon the ocean’s part –

Where the tale is remade,
Then brought back to a fade.
Weeping through blinded stares,
Sobering herself upon tears
Deserted to the eternal sea
As love catches her in unawares.

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