Chapter 18 – “A Two-Step Sequence to Problem Solving…” – “Fundamentals of Necessity” – Unedited – 7/2/2021

Survival is key to the prolonged longevity among individuals, though only to its extent. In the notion for what is first to consider with survival, it is shelter. A common knowledge as this, though made more so in realizing what intrudes the human form quicker than hunger or thirst. It is either the intense cold or heat that would end the life, faster than what is lacking in material consumption.

To the understanding of this, that shelter is the first consideration to human existence being lengthened, there is the heart. Shelter is related to all previous descriptions to the heart, through its comparison to human improvement via evolution. A comparison, that reveals all perfection and oneness to reach for, as the goal or motivation that dwells within the surviving individual. No organism is capable of survival, without the hope to reach for that is outside of remaining stagnant.

Communication, to which shows its greater portrayal among humans over other organisms, is in respect to the vulnerable heart. Guarded as it is, though wouldn’t allot improvement to the individual human without the misplaced trust understood from betrayal.

Communication is greatest in the vulnerable condition among the human. No individual can communicate, in the effort to prolong existence, without the vulnerable nature to the condition of being human. Connection forms the alliances, out of being vulnerable through trust, though the betrayals teach the lessons to all individuals. When divided, a beginning occurs to the split sides, now in understanding for what is most or least convenient. When a side proves to be less trustworthy, then it becomes uncommunicable. Nothing wishes to communicate to the betrayer, at least with all words that compare to objective peace. War is the aftermath of division, though forgiveness is the unexpected action to those who await their punishment.

Apart from communication, shelter shows signs of its downfall through the signs of imminent betrayal. This inevitable outcome to a union would divide the heart, or the source where one has their shelter. Shelter is where the individual belongs, and then comprehends truth. Truth can be exposed to deceit, being the betrayal that would shatter a heart. Among all that is truthful, there is what is best understood. Being best understood, that the truth can be retreated to, as the meaning to shelter is here reiterated. A comfort to truth, not the deception that has an individual be confused, shows a place where knowledge is most gathered to its familiarity.

However, even truth can grow into deception, when this comfort restricts an individual from discovering others to form unity. Since shelter can be this, as a restrictive area that closes its doors to those distrusted, it is a deception among it. Though, this is individualized, when a collective would introduce others into their domain out of blind trust. Individualized distrust can be understood to another singular person, when experience in this regard has been their past. To dispel that individual’s distrust requires an example for which those hearts with outside people can be considered equally flawed.

Apart from shelter, there is the middling to each scenario of survival. This is when the individual begins to crawl from shelter, to see the light. This is the middling area of creation, to which an individual pours themselves, their wisdoms from their time to soul-search within shelter to what is newly-formed. Love has its connection to shelter, whereas what is trusted to its freedom after the creation of it is the definition of water.

Trusting water is the same as trusting life. It is the same as trusting the vulnerable aspects of an individual who is outside of shelter. Water cannot be closed within shelter, when there are cracks for it to leak through. Such is the same of understanding how humans are vulnerable, when their emotions cannot be sheltered for long. We are loved, for how we are kept safe. Though, to place ourselves outside of the safe-zone of shelter, there is risk to be undertaken and even embraced. Through this, an individual trusts all that has been gathered in the form of wisdom, in their raising within shelter, to now become someone of independence.

An overburdening shelter, such as what might be compared to a collective, allots not the life nor individual to realize themselves and their capabilities through risk. That is, a collective would not allow an individual to live. For this reason, it is why history has disliked the rebel who steers apart from the collective to being individualized.

Water is the life for which an organism is even made of, being the majority of a human’s form. Life is the water, being the truth, and also what can become contaminated if not treated. One cannot share such contaminated truth or water, being to how an individual is vulnerable, since it will not be differed from deception. Truth, when foul, is what becomes toxicity. In this, there are the individuals who are kept alone, because their toxic nature will steer others apart from them.

The collective is a contamination among water or truth, held back by a dam that lets not the individual free to be shared even as a flood. The biblical Genesis would have Noah, through the tale, reveal to its readers that life or truth is the water. Within the ark, life or truth rides upon the water. What is spared is not the toxic nature of individuals, though are those who are kept safe at the origin being love. At the beginning of life, whether new or renewed, there is love. There is the shelter that even Noah had came out from, to see if the rains had stopped.

A toxic nature of people will be among the collective, making the cure to this to come back to one’s origin so that contamination will no longer spread. In the tale of Noah and his ark, just him, his wife and children, and the origin of all animal species were spared. It was a metaphorical telling of truth being spared, at the origin or the shelter when contamination is being cleansed. It is since all contamination becomes cleansed at new-fallen downpour, marking the collective as among the filth. However, among what is pure, is the individual, marking them as within what makes truth free even as a flood. It is to then prove that the individual cannot be deceitful. It is since deceit stems from the individual, now associated with the collective, whose victimization mindset will never believe themselves as flawed.

As the collective will not believe in the flaws that are the total depiction of humans, themselves, then it is the individual who comprehends what it means to learn from truth. Learning from truth is the same in admitting to being faulted as all other individuals.

Once again, human connection is only possible through individual admittance to being flawed. To find injustice to a social context, not being aware that society is another creation by human hands, then this is one more example to not admitting to fault. Since if society has been created by humans, then it cannot be blamed. If to the understanding of humans being inherently flawed, resonating as proof in emotions, then all to their creations cannot be perfect nor flawless. With society being another creation, same as a painting or a toilet, then to even the collective’s perception of its flaws makes of this awareness an admittance to being humanly errored. Such is their admittance, though also another’s deception when, for themselves, it was perceived.

Individuals are able to counter arrogance with rediscovering their origin, when contamination is to the pretention from them. Though, pretention will originate not from the individual, themselves, when individualism is defined by believing in one’s incapability and inherent flaws. Instead, pretention will originate from the collective. It is since the collective possesses this toxic or contaminated nature to believing itself incapable of being flawed. Since this belief is the opposite of being equal to another, then this will become a promotion of difference. It is contamination or pollution that remains on the surface, noticeable to those who find fault with it. Since such is the case, it is always the collective that is the wrong trait among all of humanity. Objective wrong is the collective, that to pollution, contamination, or toxicity there is no willingness to comprehend the self in a clear reflection beneath the filth.

There is no willingness, from the collective, to admit to being wrong. Despite being objectively wrong and wronged, there is no admittance to this, making them the contamination. A contamination, that is, that cannot admit to itself being the source of all present circumstance.

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