Poem #1,758 – “Weeping over Rooftops” – Romanticism – 8/20/2021

While trickles find a way
To lakes, and beyond
To the tunnels that bend away
From the faces that move on.
For winter that never leaves
These arms in the dust,
Places upon journeys astray –

From the final gathering
As tears spill from the moon,
Leaving petals against the gloom.
To the storms, come breathing –

Waters that spread the sailing
Ships that dive within,
Tearing the shielding lungs
As dust comes hailing.

Yearning over moonlit rooftops,
Sleeping as the rain stops.

A heartbreak heard over thunder
Leaves many a mind to wonder.

Fold breaks in this sleeping moment
In the place where roses cease growing
Beneath the moon, in rivers rowing.
To calm the heart
Beating in the unending wind,
Backwards on a path –

Where love that repeat a past,
Never-minding pain,
Sealing oceans in the stains.

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