Poem #1,757 – “A Will to Keep you” – Romanticism – 8/20/2021

How will the fog come to clear
When these arms take free the north,
Breaking the shadows against you, here?
Love caresses the midnight, serene
In the open mouths
Breathing kisses down throats,
Walking in the slowness of glaciers,
Weeping in the arms of the other.

Some smile came to save you,
Some man in his pockets to take you,
While faces were forever clear
To you, beneath the naked nose.

He crashed your waves,
While the earth trembled with your heart.
To no ability for his to save –

What remained still the torture and cry.
Being stranded with the sigh
Repeating heavily off your barren lips,
Needing the taste of wine.
Will the sun rise
When you become mine?

Deep-red to the Autumn of your heart,
To reverse into Springtime.
Hold your hands open
To take this man-made token.

Cry not the eternal ocean waters
While we say here, together.
Caress sunlight, at the point your hair
Catches flame on my unending stare.
Undress your form on the spot
Our worlds match, our time stops.

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