Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 14/50 – “Deterioriate before Departure” – 8/20/2021

Journey ahead nine feet across
The tenth of a mile at a loss,
While the buckles fall free from your shoes,
As a sailor passes his life to the noose.
Sing for the siren’s gambit –

Falling into the emptiest hemispheres.
While each for the eyes becomes frozen
In the other’s depleting stare.
Falling during the last ray of sunshine
During the days you last were mine,
Before crumbling at your departure –

Your wings for the sculpture –

That lifted, if not to dry
To our love’s passing goodbye.

A storm stretches you, enough to bring low
This face that kept a kiss going
At the time you floated in the undertow.
Weave your tears into comforting blankets
That you might never need a hand held.

Why do you sink for the ocean,
If not to cease your heart, your delicate motion?

Play the game of blame to the sun,
While no memories can be undone.
Collect razors that never depart –

From your flesh, to your scars
That remind you of who you are.
Film the reel to your undressed –

And silent hearts in the wind.
How many stones to throw, lives to skip
As photographs scatter among currents ripped?

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