Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 15/50 – “A Breath for the Sails” – 8/20/2021

I fumble the lane,
Waiting as I cry the path onward.
When the smile keeps me sane,
Keeps tears from carving this face
Into something less than recognizable,
Captivation rains a scenery upwards.
I lose the value in
Everything displayed within –

Before the uncovered shore
Could gift me with a song at morning.
Before tempting silence
Overruns me towards tonight,
I can halt these hands at their violence.

I can weep with everything in sight
That speaks gentler whispers.

If all to keep me from childhood’s crying –

While waters stale the heart,
Rot what was nothing at its start –

I can keep filling this ocean.

While the song of gulls stirs into motion
White caps, unto the rise of a sun.
At the birth of a lasting smile
Never broken on the horizon –

While purest sunlight
Can speed the recovery from blight,
This ocean fills
With a love beyond crippling tides.

One smile remains in the wide
Enveloping light, of a gray morning
That to it was only scorning.

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