Philosophy – “Why Neither Rights nor Life is a Gift” – 9/17/2021

“We each wonder when something will run out. Some believe the time for life runs out, as though this could be equivalent to money drying up in someone’s bank account. Is time more valued than life? Is time, for which relates to survival, to hold more value than the money that is said to be necessary for such survival?”

– Modern Romanticism

A right cannot be a gift. Life cannot be a gift. These things earned. It is because no tyranny whose purpose was first to strip a people of their rights, will give them back. No people will stand in the streets, begging as any common pauper, demanding that very tyranny to give their rights back. The person’s rights, even if not wearing the rags of a literal pauper, were stolen. Now they are poor. Impoverished, to belong to the life of nothingness where such souls beg.

What compares to an addiction? It is the material. Each thing that can be depleted is materialistic, by nature. Life cannot be this way. We cannot compare life to an addiction, because an addiction does not feed nor uplift the life. Then, to uplift addiction, being of the pauper whose life is of nothingness, would mean to give to this person their power. Uplifting those who had never earned a thing for themselves means to lend power. However, in lending power, further rights are taken away. Neither rights nor life is a gift, when power is being included for those former two things to be stolen.

If a person can still believe either rights or life is gifted, then they will be assumed to ignore death for what can indeed tear a person apart from such. Death signals an end, in sameness to a person whose life had been stolen. If a person cannot believe a right or a life is earned, then they will beg the kidnapper to offer back their freedom. A kidnapper is no different than a government who had taken away a people’s freedom. In doing that, there is no intention to hand back freedom, because such is always earned. Freedom is a right. Life is meant to be free. No kidnapper nor tyrant would allow freedom, when their intent was always first to steal it.

If we are ignoring death, then we will believe life should last forever. In that blindness to death, we also ignore love. We compare life always to the addiction, in saying survival is a must, though with the cost of eternal poverty.

If to love life means for its to last forever, then it inevitably will. Life lasts forever, when it is loved, without the convenience of the material.

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