Philosophy – “Why Choice is more the Slave’s Route, than Freedom’s Route” – 9/18/2021

“Were choice to ever compare to freedom, then we’ll always say the tyrant should never be accountable for their decisions. Freedom is deserved, only ever upon the realization for the consequences to such decision-making.”

– Modern Romanticism

We are not free through choice, for that is the route of the slave. A slave does not choose to be free. A slave is meant to be free, because as any life, it is not meant to be imprisoned unless for the purpose of being responsible for wrongdoing. Though, a tyrant would enslave, if through the offering of choice, that to their people would gladly take without question for its source. Just as the desperate addict would not question what the source is to their addiction, nor the businessman so afflicted by greed care for the intent of the one whom their sales are sold to, all is corruption under endless option.

Options do not make the freedom. Instead, accountability for the consequences of any person’s decisions allow the freedom, as such is deserved. Freedom, or rights, are earned, same with life. Life is earned, though a tyrant is not willing to allow it in the same sense as a kidnapper is not allowing freedom for their captive. Those who believe liberation lies in choice, are in fact slaves to the ignorance of outcome.

We cannot be free, if we only choose to be such. Those so empowered by their options fail to realize that freedom is something earned, as it is not something so convenient as to be able to choose. If we cannot state that freedom is earned, then we will believe all lives are either convenient or inconvenient, not needed for the sake of such being precious. Freedom is a necessity. To have rights is a necessity. To believe that freedom or those rights lie in choice, is same to believe both lie in materialistic convenience. As the materialist is wonted to face convenience for its supposed value, such a mindset is unable to comprehend necessity.

We do not choose what we should earn. Instead, we earn what we are able to choose.

One thought on “Philosophy – “Why Choice is more the Slave’s Route, than Freedom’s Route” – 9/18/2021”

  1. I was always and remain curious of the expression, exercise your freedom… I like it very much. Similarly, as you already know, your posts: for thinking and feeling free people everywhere!


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