A Two-Step Sequence to Problem-Solving – Chapter 28 – “The Socialist Exploration” – 11/6/2021

Individualists are not the army as a collective. To understand the collective as representative of the slave, is not incorrect. Though, a slave cannot be an individual nor an individualist. While the resource pertains to a group, an individual is one with their own mind to form understandings, as the highest of all is in recognition of similar faculties. Such faculties being the vulnerabilities between the self, as an individual, with another to the same kind. It is then the group that acts under control of its master, since in the obsession for resources distribution, the imbalance is to possess an individual mind. An understanding behind having one’s own mind is in reference to truth.

To repeat that deception is the place of sheer resources or among all that is respected to the offer, is appropriate to the description. An individualist cannot show respect for the resource, since it is not the value among those placing worth upon freedom. It is to the resource that could not be free, among its material design. Since it is not the slave’s form being material in design meant to be free, it is then left with the mind as a testament to freedom.

A thought, that while it is encased within the deconstructionist attitude employed among subjectivist mindsets, becomes appropriate when faced to a group. Since a group will resonate as the horde of slaves meant for the master’s work, their purpose will be to distribute resources in the invalid understanding that the material is meant to be free. It is the slave’s delusion, that perhaps even would be their willingness, to believe the body is for freedom’s sake. One does not liberate themselves, in the flesh. Instead, freedom is objective through its status with the mind, in the motive to deconstruct what is the group.

Faced with reality, idealism then makes the individualist. It would be willingness that makes the slave, especially through the addiction that offers them pleasure instead of pain. An army of individualists cannot be grouped, though against tyrannical rulership can be the truth, among unity, to deconstruct its shadow. Those obsessed with depictions of reality, thus make the tyrant whose adoration is the material. An individualist is one when value is placed upon the immaterial heart, though wastes nothing of the mind’s purpose to dissect and analyze. All understandings, that is, reform what was deformed or dissected into smaller parts. A newer collection is then created, though without the waste that would be entertained through a mindset of greed. While greed would ruin a world in its liking to groups in their wholeness, aiming to swallow whole without dissection and analysis, an individualist with a mind of their own would venture into understandings through needed separation.

Introverted, though able to search, makes this individualist as able to renew the cycle of conflict as would the seasons be differed. A comparison to society is life, though a collective force would be desirous to consume what is not understood. It is the groups that are willing to discover pleasure, fueled through lust, while burning what could not be comprehended in its components of ash. If pleasure is then to fire, the all human understandings, centered through the heart, are fed as water being the vulnerabilities meant for solutions. It is understood of the solution that it resonates as a mixture, brought up among equality that contrasts always from the fire meant to burn a substance to its waste.

Extraversion, though a personality type, refers itself in its fundamental sense to all materialism in its external belonging. Among what is external, is not ever to equality through resource. Equality is valid when understood as a mixture, within the water, not belonging upon the external. One raises, in equitable standards, with the resource unto lust. Lust generates the gain, in its material form. The same is comprehended of flesh, during a gluttonous or avaricious period. Among the prime notion for what is external, always pertains to the flesh. A reference to prejudice is in this, when to flesh or of all things external has its place upon preference. A preference is for the external, since its relation to a group makes for each within such to not be told apart. If told apart, individualism is born of it, though becomes a group, once more, when power and control is maintained.

If for external evaluation, there is preference for each thing most or least convenient, in its comparison to levels. Nothing of equality, within the mixture, can be measured for its level. Since an even distribution is such, would then make it the objective notion of equality. Then, not to the lust-fueled understandings of sheer resource can equality be to its defining. As in, to define sheer resource is in the notion of freedom through materialism, in contrast from the same freedom with a thought. When even distribution of resource is viewed through equity, there is less notion to the value for individualism and the heart. Through equitable understandings, there is the place of the mind, that through an unstable and uncontrolled heart, furthers the waste of thought. While it is a thought that could be a resource, its waste is when its focus upon the convenience is even of the human state, once more to disregard individualism. An understanding for individualism is that such could not be controlled, when it is nothing of the external. The external is controlled, among its groupings, since nothing is told apart among such.

Individualist understandings are told apart, though made so alien to the collective that its wish is for the former’s extermination. A belief that for a group’s won design, the individualist either rejoins the collective or is viewed with enough fear to deserve this extermination. Though, this fear comes through upon the view of truth, that those who could not be controlled cannot be swayed from deception. As was mentioned, deception can repeat itself, though truth cannot when its representation is the heart. A heart is divided, as was also mentioned, when itself is unstable enough for the mind to waste its resources.

To the waste of resources, addiction is to the rampant spread of them. A pauper whose willingness is for the resource, becomes the addict in the wish for their endless gain. Though, what is endless of resource, is misinterpreted when such is designated for the heart. Limited as resources are, makes to the heart as a limitless or priceless value. It can be said of something material that its worth is depicted upon its rarity. Then, to believe the compassion of sorts is, too, a rarity, is a misinterpretation of truth. It is that truth, being something meant for rediscovery, cannot be a deadness in pertaining to rarity. If what is rare is such due to extermination, then for what an individualist stands for can only be the truth. It is that the truth is loved, when seen as more than flesh.

A human, more than flesh, when the protector to itself is understanding of it as not meant for fear’s sake. However, it would be a fear for the individual, rather than concern placed upon the self to keep a distance. It is fear that keeps itself related to prejudice, in the distance that would reference convenience. A human, treated as convenience, is always to prejudice as much as to trust or distrust. If the pauper, having nothing material to their possession, reveals a heart of their own, there could be no more waste from their mind. As freedom is not a gift, then neither life can be unless truth is rediscovered same as the heart. To care for the predicament that has caused a person to cling upon waste, all from forfeiting the convenience in the manner of wishing for greater amounts of choice. Were choice to be lessened among its materialist aspects, all to be needed for a pauper would be revealed. It is the act of unearthing truth from beneath the pile of deception.

A pauper to the non-pauper is upon the former as having regressed from freedom of thought to becoming a group or category. It is then that power-induced sorts of their own collective or group become trusted as being individuals with hearts. If a pauper would be one among wasted resources having caused their condition, then the non-pauper has their place among the heart without an aspect of greed. Greed compels one to appear an individual with a heart, though whose deception would offer itself to the pauper as a means for resource to be endless in supply. It is then that addiction takes its hold upon both pauper and among those with greed, when individualists are rejected from both collectives. It is that neither the greed-filled sorts nor the paupers have comprehensive understanding for whom would devour the other, with survival for the victory of one side. Though, were those provided for by the avaricious sorts to gain their own thoughts, it would present the end to their dependence.

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