Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Skies” – 23/50 – “In Love, in Tears” – 11/3/2021

Dust never fell, snow never melted
In the inches we first gave,
Separate, upon the ocean beneath, parted
For the one starved child that
Kept bleeding in our sunrise, unsaved.
Our child, our shadow –

Our grief that kept us.
With kisses close, a ribbon cut
For our faces to freeze
Among time’s weighted memorial
Keeping us as clouds among turmoil.

Love takes a step,
With another to bury the first.
How much have we wept
While the moon changed complexions?

From pale to dark, then worse –

Were the sounds coming from shore.
We drove the floods into evermore.

We watched our eyes change color
Among the unbalanced seasons.
Keeping close what could be closed
Of our sight, in our terror.

We were settled, we were leaves
Overturned, and in disbelief.

We wilted as flora in November.
Frozen, with death upon our lips.
Still bleeding in the sun’s haze.

Another step, another one to remember.

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