Excerpt – Chapter 44 – “Order Against Chaos” – 11/16/2021

To the order of a heart, an individualist is no longer in repetition with what is rhythmic and synchronized within the collective. If equality appears to a person as sameness among external viewings, then they have shown themselves as confused. Synchronization with physical movement is no different than the marching army. An army has been previously compared to a collective or group, as this notion of repetition is within patterns of perceived sameness. The synchronized movements of a marching army is as the factory that repeats the same process for mass production of a product. It is in being repetitious that such is displayed upon the external, though everything internal or within a person is individualism or the truth meant to be expressed.

A truth, being withheld, is the suppressed reminder of what is, to the realisms that an idealistic collective attempts to replace with a change. Idealism will encompass change, though the truth that is revealed from being suppressed with offer example to a person for what is neither functional nor what will work. If to the physical repetitions of an army or collective will stay its focus upon function over form, then it is realism that means to remind these collectives, through its expressions of truth from individualism, of what will not be functional nor will be applied without collapse.

Individualism is suppressed when the expression of truth also is, though without individualism, there can be no collectivism. If to replace entirely the realisms with the idealisms, it is not possible without suppressing the freedom to express or to speak. This is to mean that if progress depends upon function, it will blind itself towards an objective when it neglects or deems as obsolete what has always been functional. That is, to believe a system has not worked, then to change it merely for the sake of doing so is to be blind towards foundational function or individualism. It is inherent that individualism supports collectivism, making the latter inferior to the former. If an army requires leadership, it was because none of the soldiers possessed their own individualist human wills to take action, as themselves. To follow an order is to be used or to be functional towards the objective.

On the notion of replacement, a tool can be swapped with another when its usage has been exhausted. If meaning to idealize a human, there is great desire for such a person’s function. However, there is not adherence to human limitation, as such is the comprehension behind reality. Were a limit to be applied, idealism would fall into the realistic realm or mindset, as progress would be halted upon its road.

Without a degree of repetition, mistakes cannot be repeated. This marks progress as dependent on the disappearance of individualism, since to question being used is to show correctness towards what might be faulted. Progress then would rely on a lack of equality and human freedom, along with the disappearance of human will so that productivity is displayed within endless function. If function is the place of a tool, then an army is the same. Freedom cannot be used, because such traits as the human heart or will to question incorrectness is revealed through form or truth unable to be altered, except when it submits to aligning with a usable collective.

2 thoughts on “Excerpt – Chapter 44 – “Order Against Chaos” – 11/16/2021”

  1. Leadership and official leaders, two different things. If someone inspires you to do something kind for others, follow dreams and become more, I don’t care what they’re nametag reads, they are a leader.


    1. With too much reliance, one loses their individuality. They lose themselves. Dreams can become obsessive and also possessive. Some people don’t even care for that, and so we continue to say to them, “Follow what makes you as you,” but I believe these people have lost themselves, because they’ve played too much “follow the leader”.


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