Poem – “To Love you, Again” – Modern Romanticism – 11/18/2021

Of bluest feelings,
Whilst golden, upon the burning horizon.
With reddest sealings
To a heart encrusted with your charm,
Your untamable eyes
That tear a hole through the surface.
You have bled me, always wearing –

My skin on the lips, swearing –

You are always caring.
With eyes full of dust
From a broken hourglass in the rust –

That keeps filling with the blood,
Idle, until kissed.
Come, with the rush, where you stood
Naked, with shoulders raised,
Eyes down,
Leaving tears and sweat on a path –

We both missed, for its burning grass.
Come, with the pair of lips –

I sear, in the simple switch,
The complicated vow to love, again.
I hold,
While hearts drag with the wind,
As blood runs on, to begin
The same fears we shared on tabletops.

Buildings blue, rivers red
With urges to undo feelings of dread.

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