Philosophy – “Why Equal Rights are Forever Unattainable” – 11/20/2021

“The most fundamental part of being human is to want more. However, in only being fundamental, many forget that there is a necessity to rise beyond the convenience and comfort of the monetary sum. If we ever attained that which would freeze our movements, then we would have no need to rise beyond the poverty of a lacking life. It is a right that cannot be attained, the same as your life is already your own.”

– Modern Romanticism

Humans fight. It is because we show our power to those others that are lesser, to ourselves. There is a trap to this. To want more is to be aligned not with freedom, though with slavery. A person confines themselves outside the necessity to go beyond mere survival. If Classical Liberalism once defined modern human rights as more concrete when given, it has been only because the most concrete thing to human understanding is materialism. Human flesh is material, though when loved and protected, it is beautiful. Beauty is this, outside the changes to it that can distort truth into deception. What is most deceiving to a person is themselves believing that they can be equal with another in their right to gain, when rights have more to do with one’s right to be.

One’s right to be, is believing that nothing can be more accessible than the self or own’s own individualism and abilities. Knowing this, and there is no reason to change, though there is reason enough for improvement. Change involves believing there is a wrong or an injustice either with the self or with the world. Although, to accept reality as is, without the desire to change, will instead involve improvement. Improvement relies on understanding where either the self or the world is, in its current place, and then rising from that point.

As the most concrete understanding to a human is materialism, it can be of no wonder for why the gift can also be understood as not meaning to be taken back. However, when the Liberal believes this, their ignorance is upon what is taken from them through their self-deception that a right will be gifted and not be a purchase. What is taken, for the value of the collective or collected materialism, is always one’s freedom and individuality. That is because individualism cannot be numerous as something of materialism can be. If material objects can be collected or gathered, then they can be divided. It would then be everything material that is collected more representative of division, while individualism defines truth, unity, and equality. Individualism is then a oneness, because it is always the common addict to the material substance that gives themselves away for it.

Individualism cannot be more accessible than where it is, within the individual. Though, the common Liberal will be suggesting that the most material of things be more accessible and also more affordable for the common man. In the value for collectives or collected material substances or objects, there is a greater rejection towards the individual who believes in what is most accessible and most affordable. Again, what is most accessible and affordable to the common man the freedom to care for their faults and to reject what is given to them. That is because individualism cannot be given to a person, nor can it be a free thing to give of the care a person requires to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

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