Quote – “Why it Takes no Politics to be a Liberal” – 8/21/2020

“If to love, to help, to be empathic/empathetic means to be a liberal, then politics would only endanger such heartfelt sorts.

No politician comprehends the meaning of empathy, when their task is to speak to an audience, not an individual. For as the individual would have a heart, then the audience would have a color. The color, is the lie. The heart, is the truth.

We are not close to anyone enough to hear the drumbeats of a heart, whether slowing to die, or fast in fear, when we are divided by colors.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “The Idiocy in Erasing a Nation’s History” – 7/27/2020

“Whatever soldiers of the past fought for, to end or remain alive, makes those roots numerous by the many tears a storm of the mind had done to topple a body dead. Love protects, like how the mind is meant to protect the form, through wisdom. Therefore, to cut the roots of a nation, embedded in that nation’s history, means to set up the current people for doom. It is to state that current people will not be prepared for a storm, powerful enough to cause everyone to fall. For it is that each person will be on their knees, in submission to that tyranny. They were not prepared, because their roots were lacking.”

– Modern Romanticism

Controversial Topic – “George Floyd is the Left’s New Censorship” – 6/14/2020

It is known of the Liberal Left that they enjoy it when speech is silenced, that when a person speaks in a manner deemed offensive, they are quieted from talking. Simply call the person deemed to be racist, a racist, and they are quieted. Even the police in certain nations cannot arrest gangs, out of their petty fear in being called this even pettier word.

To speak on slavery as though the blacks only can comprehend it, is ignorance, in and of itself. What did slave-masters use for their tool to silence a black slave? They used the whip. What do Liberal Leftists use to silence speech? They have their own single words, like “racist” or “sexist” used to silence a disobedient “slave” and keep them from rebelling. Therefore, these methods of silence are only different in that they approach from a more subtle route, rather than a direct one.

George Floyd, in this sense, is dead, and his literal silence is what drives the ongoing riots and the Seattle takeover. Their more-than-disgusting ways have been what they deem to be justifiable in misusing the dead, and taking advantage of the silence of death. The silence of death, the censorship of a dead man, named George Floyd, is what the Liberal Left is taking advantage of. It is because George Floyd would be the “voice of reason” in this heat of unceasing conflict. Were he alive, he’d be the sole voice, as the loudest voice, to speak against current happenings. Were he alive, he’d might have a voice louder than any political leader, or civil rights activist. Were he alive, there’d be no need for something like riots, to occur. He’d lay his hand down and put a stop to them, through his sheer presence and voice.

His silence, in the grave, is what the Liberal Left takes for advantageous gain. For advantageous gain, the Liberal Left understand that George Floyd cannot speak, be the voice of reason against them, and therefore believe they are free through his demise.

This method of taking advantage of the dead, might as well be on the lowest level of committing necrophilia. For it is with the same word, called “usage”, that these Liberal Leftists are using the dead, for lust. As lust relates to gain, and gain is accompanied by the word “advantage”, it is here where we comprehend that these people have greatly lowered themselves.

Quote – “Why Hatred cannot come in the Form of Speech” – 6/13/2020

“Hatred and love are revealed through proof. No one can speak hatred. Rather, it is criticism that speech reveals. Such criticism, through speech, is meant to be spoken at the level of high intellect. Should one be hurt by words, and words alone, the only thing those words are doing is reminding a person what they already know of themselves.

Words are a reminder. To speak to someone the words, ‘I love you’ is a mere reminder, as if the loved one forgot the proof for it. Therefore, one cannot hate another, nor love another, through speech. One must act, through love or hatred, for it to be proven as such. Again, with words, one is merely reminding someone of a fact, already proven long ago.”

– Anonymous

A Quote of Wisdom – “Progressiveness to Denial” – Pt. 2 – 4/16/2020

The face of denial will always be the face of Death. How do we prove the existence of God? By believing in the non-existence of God, and that is how. Love, in the form of the highest emotion, the most eternal emotion, extinguishes fear, extinguishes the fear of Death. Because of love, humans are heroic. Because of love, humans can be genuine with their actions.

We deny Death, or perhaps we deny our own capability to be heroic or genuine. It is, as well, because we deny that any person we love CAN die. We confuse ourselves into thinking that it cannot ever occur.

In that mode, we become comfortable. In that mode, we do not see what is coming. And, how can we blame ourselves, when in a comforting home, we are not afraid. When in a comforting home, we can be settled.

What do we embrace, then, when not embracing love? We embrace progressiveness and fear. With that, comes denial. Denial is the label upon the forehead of an individual, who is not denying others, but being denied by others.

To believe in the non-existence of God, one must believe in themselves capable of believing in the life of another person, labelled to be denied. By understanding someone’s non-existence, it immediately becomes someone’s existence. Who was ignored, is now being offered attention.

Any person who is denied, ends up a pauper, ends up dead.

Humans were not made to roam this Earth, alone. And yet, we’ve promoted “self-love” and “self-care” as though when the first humans were on Earth, they did not look for other humans. Instead, such people of such movements believe that the first humans on Earth simply stared at their own reflection, not looking for any form of belonging.

For an Atheist to say that the “existence” of God is none, is the same thing to say of a human who looks upon a pauper, and ignores them. It is of the same mindset. For to ignore the existence of God, the existence of love, would be to ignore the one who is denied, not the one who denies others. How could God ignore others, when He is love? How can we ignore God, besides doing just that?

Arrogance, and nothing more, and everything less.

Does a person crave betrayal in this current realm of things? Does a person want to be betrayed, so they can feel “empowered” enough to do things with their own two hands? That is a life of fear, being a fact. Where is the value of teamwork gone? Where is the value of belief gone?

If one is comfortable on their own, they still have too much to lose. Thus, they are comfortable enough, and live their lives as a gimmick.

A Quote of Wisdom – “Progressiveness to Denial” – 4/16/2020

It is utterly weak of the mind and will to even consider that a person could simply “progress” past inevitable human obstacles like their own nature. Does a human, in today’s time, see of their own form in the mirror, the need to replace it with machine parts? Such would only result in the burying of humanity. Why do we call words of wisdom “deep”? We say that, because they come from areas too far to typically be reached by anyone who is consumed by fear. Replace yourself with something that you’re not, and you’ll not erase, but merely bury yourself in a grave, while alive.

Therefore, bury your own nature, and you’ll find a rising society that is bent around the life of “moving away from satisfaction”. That satisfaction was our nature, and that nature is now buried. Is it now a seed, waiting to sprout something to explode in our face?

When we run away from satisfaction, we embrace fear, and we live our lives in that fear, in that denial. What we can no longer reach, being our nature, we call such wisdom “deep” by those who do indeed have the courage to reach it, and pull it out.

“Progressiveness” creates a society of denial, where everything once believed about ourselves, is simply denied. What results is the element of “no judgement”, movements that are against hatred in the form of speech (which is an oxymoron), among other aspects.

Human satisfaction is on the side of love. No so-called “movement” can believe in love, when it also promotes “progression”. It is as contradicting as it sounds.