Quote – “What is Art?” – 11/22/2021

“Art cannot be said to reference chaos, because chaos is not a creation. If specific art is said to be a representation of chaos, though was also created, then this is contradictory. Art is a creation, though chaos is not. Chaos is merely the absence of creation, because one cannot create what is chaotic. Order is created, though chaos is merely the absence of order. If it is the artist’s task to make sense or order of themselves through the piece, then they will create. If it is a mother’s belief that she sees herself in her child, then it was because her child is a creation. It is then that the art is not deceptive, though truthful. It is then that art is not the chaos of death or absence, though of life and presence.”

– Modern Romanticism

3 thoughts on “Quote – “What is Art?” – 11/22/2021”

  1. I’ve always thought of art as the work … not the job we do, but the way we do it … and how the work connects the artist to herself and to others around her who get her art


    1. In my experience as a writer, it’s always unpredictable to who will relate to what I write. Some people are connected enough to cry, while others are completely disconnected and disinterested.

      So, I say I write the works for myself, and then leave whatever happens with my readers to happen.


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