Poem – “Leaving a Hand to Hold” – Modern Romanticism – 11/22/2021

Hold onto the wire.
Our connection is always close,
Even when your eyes will close.
Hold onto grace, within the fire,
There is never love outside of reach.
Even while winter lands its flakes,
I will pray from beneath,
To remind you of what never dies,
What never melts, what never leaves,
What never fades.

You were alone with the rope,
Alone to walk the mile.
I came to give hope,
Offered you entrance to these arms
For a beautiful smile
Painted as reddest lips –

While with the buried kiss,
You could see the sun you had missed.

Now with the buried hand
Laid in my hand,
You are to see the moon
For its only face, shielded in doom.

I want to create a star
That never fades,
I would prefer to bleed for you,
Die for us.
I want to know where you are
Inside the ocean that takes.

From far, I will continue to love
Inside this heart’s stinging melody.

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