Excerpt – Chapter I: “The Unconditional State of Love” – 11/29/2021

“Love is alien. When do we find it? We do not, because love is not bought. Nor is love sold, because it is the gift. Although, love is capable of punishment the same as it is to forgive. Both of these are gifts, of punishment and forgiveness, since it is a judge. Love is a judge, because it carries with it all the unknown signs of what a human cannot become, in fullness. Imperfect, humans are, though love will improve that to the point where even ourselves become unfamiliar. Although, all things alien of love is the newness a human has transfigured themselves, while their old life is something dead. Humans are ambitious, though only in their arrogance can someone believe themselves improving enough to reach perfection. What is love? Perfect. Love is perfect, though the human is unable to understand that. Misunderstood, because love, for the human, is alien enough to bypass the creative and imaginative process of their mind. A person resorts to being modest, losing ideas and great ideals, because nothing is more beautiful than what has already been created.”

– Modern Romanticism

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