Poem – “Forge your Smile” – Modern Romanticism – 11/29/2021

Unexplored, to you, our eyes
keep foretelling, keep telling
of pain's awesome history.
Why do you walk, why breathe
if the downwards slope slides your cries?
Bent form and broken smile,
sing, once again, for the while
to devour the ocean.

How much rain to drink?
How much to the porcelain
can be carved of your every brink?
Explore, unexplored salience in echoing life,
before it begins to flee,
that we might be able to see.

Love you, trust your heart, again,
while the ocean, with the moon
eclipses nothing else to its end.

Unhappened forest, falling dust
from the wings painted by rust.
We encourage our eyes to hear
those sounds from a brutal heartbeat.
We are loved, in each other's touch
before monuments can fall, blood can rush.

Wars cannot continue, while I
forge, again, the smile from your cry.
You want help, while we
lend a kiss, let Autumn leaves fly.
Stay to the next November, do not die
hoping for another stranded vessel - 

To move you, as the ocean did.
Simply run, holding on
to the wind, to no tears beneath eyelids.

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