Philosophy – “To Debunk Pride” – 2/22/2022

“Being proud is a damning thing for the identity. Why? When you are proud for who you are, rather than what you can do, then you are the one who would favor the value of a book cover, instead of the interior pages. You would be the prejudiced one to consider the exterior’s worth over the interior. For what you see at first glance, the book cover, is the ignorance to the knowledge that only signals your fear to comprehend what is the understanding of creation. Inner details, the book’s pages, is the value of all knowledge that if a fear is bypassed to see them, will be the freedom outside of an enslaved and captive mindset.”

– Modern Romanticism

Culture is human creation. One can be said to be the betterment over the other. As one’s skills could be said to be the betterment over another, where is pride designated for this? The answer is pride is meant to be reserved for the accomplishment. If, in the accomplishment, a person had committed themselves out of harder worker than others, pride is then available to this achiever as a feeling. Then, who is able to feel pride for themselves, through their identity? Would it not be the mindset of a purest or a narcissist who states that for who they are, who they are born as, makes them better than someone else? That is, if pride is, through its innate feeling of having earned the right to display it, a matter of being able to create a thing that can be displayed, then how it is ever meant to be involved for the exterior to a person?

Is pride felt out of the freedom to express it? If so, then such freedom must have been through the knowledge of an interior, a creation, through the achievements a person took to deserve the allowance of pride. Then, is the one for pride in their identity expressing it doing so because they believe they created their identity? If so, this would mean that their interior is also their exterior, and there is nothing else to know of them. This would mean such a person, proud for simply who they are, bypassed the notion of having a skill for an achievement so that what is believed of them to once be hidden is now revealed. Again, this means that one believes themselves to have created their own identity. This would also mean that for who they are, a creation as their identity is the exterior. To them, ignorance is the same as knowledge, that through creating these identities, an exterior to a person is the same as their interior.

How is a person, proud for their identity, at all retaining freedom for the sake of the expression when someone else is only able to know this person through comprehending the interior? That would require a bypassing of fear. If unity, not division, is the place of those proud for their identity, then why believe only the self can understand the self? The self is flawed. If humans were ever omniscient, the first thing we should understand, in fullness, is ourselves. Then, believing to know ourselves, through our omniscience, will divide us from the imperfections of others when we believe our difference makes us.

Difference is a factor of wanting to be paid special attention towards, due to this being a secondary factor of narcissism that which relates to being better than another person. It is because in being different through identity, then to the expression of pride, the attention and recognition is given merely for the popularity to their supposed betterment. If one favors another’s identity through popularity, then it is no different than being the biggest fan of a celebrity who appears perfect, though is still flawed as any other human.

When the achievement is given recognition, it is because it is one better than another. Culture is human creation that does change, though only for the better or worse. Identity is a difference to the place of preference, the same as genres to books are understood from a first glance at their covers. Identity cannot be bettered. Identity can only be different, though these differences are merely given greater or lesser popularity. The same as Science-Fiction might be more the mainstream than Fantasy is also for the identity. If one is proud for who they are, they will hold the mindset of perhaps believing the Science-Fiction genre is “better” than the Fantasy genre.

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