Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The World’s Pressing Relevance to Identification” – 8/16/2019

August 16, 2019

“A person will seek out their enemy to hear the fullness of honesty. For this reason, a troubled person will never tell secrets to their friends. For this reason, a troubled person will be more likely to go to people they’ve never spoken to before, to hear honesty.

A troubled person will never tell their friends and family secrets, for fear of their friends and family becoming bitter enemies. And on the opposite end, a friend will never tell their own friend a bit of honesty, for fear of themselves turning from a friend to an enemy.

For this reason, a person will cling to a therapist.

For this reason, and for the same reason a person clings to a therapist and to unknowns, is for the same reason that a person of today clings to identity. And why does a person cling to identity, most of all? It’s for the reason that we live in world where we cannot at all love our enemies.

We find comfort in lies. Inevitably, a human finds more comfort in what was said by a friend, during the previous day, than what will be said by an enemy, as the truth, in one heated moment. That is, an argument with an enemy will spill more truth through the air, than a soft conversation with a friend. This is dwelling in lies. That is, to be around friendship constantly is to dwell in lies.

And for an additional reason why a person will cling to their own identity, is the same reason why a person of today will continually cling to things they already comprehend. That is, they will cling to themselves, to their friends, and to everyone else they already understand. No two enemies understand one another if they aren’t willing to take the effort; and if they were to argue, they may indeed understand more. If one plans to defeat their enemy, they will discover weaknesses. If one plans to befriend their enemy, they will also discover weaknesses, but never choose to exploit them. Rather, they will trust in every word that was said.

Today’s love of ‘identification’ has been born out of the purified definition of ‘division’. We form groups. We form families. We form tribes. And then, we begin to war with one another, until each family creates mutinies among the group, and Charles Darwin becomes the Prophet to reveal the truth of ‘Every man fighting for himself’.”


Words of Wisdom – “Diversity Among the Artist” – 8/3/2019

August 3, 2019

“There is nothing so deplorable as never having a focus, never having a certainty, and never having an identity. It results in confusion, and soon, a desire to be anything, change truth around so you can be that anything, and soon, never be aware that you may have become a monster. Do monsters possess humanity? Sure. How else would they scream to let us know they are in pain? How else would they bleed so we know they can die, so they can be slain? The artist without the brush, is alike to the human without fingers. Without the ability to grasp that which will become us, makes us lifeless and without purpose. However, there should be that focus, that way to distinguish ourselves, as the one person from the next one person. For we can distinguish Van Gogh from Da Vinci, through a mere glance at either artist’s work; though, are we somehow, in a world of ‘anything goes’, able to be both ourselves, and someone else? Would Van Gogh, were he to live in the time of the Renaissance, want to be like Da Vinci, or would his identity in knowing who he is, as Van Gogh, be enough? How does a world function in ‘wanting all’? It must function in terms of envy upon lust, and then, lust upon greed, and then, greed upon pride.

Every deteriorating society always ends with the sin of ‘sloth’, soon as either a man or a woman comprehend that their immediate and focused purpose is lost, has been stolen, or never was.”

Words of Wisdom – “Of what Beauty is” – 7/23/2019

July 23, 2019

“Beauty, the instantly recognized. Flesh, the instantly recognized. Truth, the immediately perceived. Identification needs not the study, unless for the onset to insecurity and doubt. Such would afflict the mind. For of the mother who recognizes her child, at an instant; to the two lovers who recognize each other, at an instant; what would we characterize the opposite of longing? That would be denial. Denial is the opposite from longing. Beauty is a longing, for the flesh, for the return of youth, especially in the old, especially in the mother who says, ‘Our children grow up far too fast’. External observations create a feeling of envy to what was lost. The beauty that was lost, drowned in the passage of time, is now met with a longing for its return. Identification to flesh, to truth, to beauty, should not be met with a study, for that would turn beauty into the not recognized, and leave denial at the freest its ever been, while turning longing into a device, not an avoidance. As much as that longing should be an avoidance, we should take to comprehending the natural, for how natural it is for time to part beauty from flesh, and for age to make the child as an adult, so that recognition would be different, should the person not have been seen for long.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Weight of Identification” – 7/13/2019

July 13, 2019

“When a world twists itself, there are the witnesses to that event. There are inevitably those who turn their curiosity upon its rising. And then, after such a view to that vision, there is the turning upon the self. People blame themselves, whenever all around them seems wrong. They look upon themselves, for repairs, and also ignore that which has been, or is being, invented. The mirror. Who could identify themselves without this invention? We look downwards to see our arms and legs, and our chest, though we’ve looked downwards at the puddle to see our reflection for millennia. We now look straight to see the mirror and its reflection. This is always to say that such ‘identification’ comes continually from an external source. No one can see their own face without reflection. At the same time, no one can comprehend themselves without looking upon the face of one so like-minded and similar. Friendships and romances bloom when a face sees another face. Identity can only ever sprout when we have taken advantage of what surrounds us, as the inventions to what we make of ourselves. Though, we are ourselves, an invention, born perhaps of a mistake or an intention.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Master, the Wielder/the Knowledge, and Creator of Eternity”

May 18, 2019

“Those who say they are what they are by the tools they possess, are not what they are, only by what they possess. They are more, through what they know. And what they know, a witness could remain ignorant. In what they possess, is as evident as evidence. In what is stored in a basket, be it seven apples, is as evident as counting the apples. Though, should the possessor have two more apples hidden, how would one know?”